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Off To Town Hall

We went on a little adventure today, thankfully before the rain rolled in.  We took a trip to Town Hall.  Actually, I suppose it’s now City Hall, given the status of the town has changed to a city.  We were on a mission, even if we weren’t doing much there.

Today’s trip wasn’t to do anything fancy.  We were just heading down there to get Nika registered with the town.  I’ve been a bad dog mom and haven’t gotten her registered since I got her.  It was about time I did.  So off we went to Town Hall to register her.

While we were at Town Hall the kids learned you have to register your dog there.  They learned that people can get married there.  They loved the beautiful old building it was all set in as well.  So they may not have learned a lot on this adventure, but they enjoyed it.  That counts for something.

This may be a good excuse to research some of the other things that go on at Town Hall.  I’m not sure what they do, beyond keeping records of births, deaths, and marriages.  Obviously you can also register your dog there.  It would be good to know what else you can do there, if for no other reason than the fun of learning something new.

We don’t get out on many adventures these days, mostly due to a lack of a car, but I’m hoping that will change as the weather turns nice and the summer sets in for good.  Of course, you wouldn’t know the weather was turning nice to look at it out there.  We were able to play in the yard for maybe a half hour before the rain started to roll in.  It got pretty wet out there, but the forecast should be turning sunny soon.  And with the sun will hopefully come lots of swimming!