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We went to a birthday party last night.  It was kind of unplanned.  We were invited over by our neighbors last minute after I got out of work.  I really wasn’t in the mood to go, but I figure it was for the kids.  These are their friends, so they may as well get the chance to go, right?

The highlight of the night was getting to us sparklers.  The colored ones didn’t have the same kind of effect that the traditional ones did, but the kids still loved them.  It’s funny how the simple things in life can really make the night.  They all had so much fun with them, which was awesome.

I suppose we could follow this up with a learning experience.  What makes the colored sparklers colored and all of that, but I think in this case we’ll just let it be.  Sometimes fun is really just for fun.  If they want to know the why, they’ll undoubtedly ask.  They always do.  That’s what makes this whole learning thing so awesome.



Happy Birthday, Mystery Bear!

Luca and Mommy

Fox and Luca, just born

Five years ago, Luca came into our lives.  From the moment of Luca’s birth there were little growls, indicating Luca was content, or trying to fall asleep.  These little growls earned Luca the name of Little Bear.


Luca enjoying his spoons

That little adventurer soon became Mister Bear.  Back then we hadn’t put a thought towards gender neutral parenting, so it seemed a fitting name.  Luca became Mister Bear instead of Little Bear, and everyone was happy.


Then something happened.  Out of the blue, Luca became Mystery Bear, because no one knows, it’s a mystery.  It just seemed a far more appropriate name for our magical Little Bear.  Luca really seemed to love it.  We’d call for Mystery Bear and he would giggle the cutest little giggle.  It was awesome.


Now our little Mystery Bear is five!  Can you believe it?  I started this blog back when he was still a bitty little thing.  Now we’ve got a five-year-old, and such a cutie at that.  It’s amazing how time flies.  I just wish it would go by a little slower.  It seems like it’s all getting away from us too fast.

IMG_20170626_121801_289Today our Mystery Bear went shopping for the first time.  I gave him some money to buy bread and butter, so we could make grilled cheese sandwiches.  It was originally $5, but it wasn’t enough, so I changed it out for $10.  He wanted to use his tooth fairy money to buy bread and butter, but I wouldn’t let him.  I told him that money was for something fun.  Better still, he got to keep the change.  You can almost see the dollars in his little paw, while he’s doing his “money pose.”


And what did our Mystery Bear get for his birthday?  A pretty blue boom box!  Luca picked it out this weekend when I asked what he would like for his birthday.  He said he wanted a radio, but a blue one.  I looked on Amazon and found one.  The reviews were kind of mixed, but I figured for a five-year-old, it wasn’t too expensive, and it was the right color.  I got the service plan, so if it up and dies on us, we’re covered.  I figure if it lasts out the three year service plan, it was worth the money.  Luca played the radio for a good long while, dancing to the music in the living room.  It was a great little scene.  It’s a sign of just how grown up he is that he’s asking for a radio rather than toys for his birthday.  Such a big Little Bear, my little Mystery Bear.

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Witch Kitty Day

Sabrina the Kitty Witch

It’s Sabrina’s birthday.  She’s officially a whole year old today.  She’s become such a fixture in our lives.  I can’t imagine life without her.

Sabrina’s had it rough, well, for a typical house cat.  She’s had to deal with two moves already.  She’s lacking her scratching post (something we’ve promised to replace).  The neighborhood animals have been driving her batty.  The neighborhood kids have been even worse.

At the end of the day, Sabrina always shows us she still loves us in spite of it all.  She comes and snuggles with Oz and me.  She harasses Corde to get the petting she deserves.  She taunts and teases Beekee and Sander until they chase her around, and when she gets bored of being chased, she chases back.  She cuddles a safe distance from Luca, snuggling up against his feet or some other part of his body that won’t allow him to grab her and hold on.  She loves us all.  Of that I have no doubt.

Sabrina has taught us all a lot of lessons.  Corde has learned about responsibility.  Oz and I have learned a lot about Maine Coons.  The boys have seemed to learn that cats are a lot cooler than they thought they were.  Cats used to seem disinterested and boring to them.  It’s been wonderful having her around.

Since she moved in she’s been our little huntress.  Bugs don’t stand a chance whens he’s around.  She’s likely to chase out anything that comes in her way, though we’ve had to teach her not to go after wasps.  Frogs, bugs, I doubt even mice would give her pause.  My kids strive to be like her sometimes, hunting for things just like a cat.  It’s wonderful to have her.

It’s really too bad we can’t do more for her.  We’d love to get her a present for her birthday, but money is tight.  We’re going to wait until we’re a little more stable.  She’ll definitely get a present for Christmas though.  Our precious (not so little) girl is definitely a gift. I look forward to years of having her share our home.

Happy birthday, Sabrina.  May it be the first of many!