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Minecraft After Lunch

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Today we had a productive, if short day.  The boys were super excited to get to play Minecraft as soon as we were done with lunch.  On a normal day A.J. wouldn’t have gotten home for another two hours and for Sander it would be three and a half.  They were super excited that their day was so much shorter than it used to be.  They played Minecraft almost all afternoon.

It wasn’t a completely unproductive day as far as homeschool goes.  Sander and Luca each spent a half hour on Time4Learning.  A.J. spent almost an hour on it.  They all did some math.  Luca finally counted from 0-9 correctly, though it was only once.  Sander worked through a couple more pages from his lessons.  We’re doing one page from each of his workbook levels until we finally get to the ones that seem the right level for him.  I estimate we’ll be halfway through the book.  A.J. knew his math lesson, but it wasn’t the most easy for him.  He gets parallel and perpendicular mixed up a lot.  I can’t blame him.  It was kind of confusing for me when I was his age.  He did his work for something like an hour straight.  The Luca comes running in, “Book school, mama!  Book school!”  We busted out some workbooks and did a little bit of learning.  Luca certainly loves workbooks.  So it turned out to be a pretty productive day overall.

But the best part of it had to be the free time.  For a while they played with LEGO blocks on the living room floor.  The floor was a mess or I would have taken pictures.  Since having the boys home my living room seems to never be clean.  I’m not too worried about that.  They’re having fun and it’s not typically dirty (unless you count the times the dirt spills out of my houseplants…poor things get knocked over sometimes).  It’s just clutter, and I’ve got grand plans of cleaning it up, though I’m not sure how successful I’m going to be at that.  They were enjoying it, and were using the pillows on the floor as terrain for their play.  It was awesome to see.

While Sander and A.J. played Minecraft Luca got some time with the LEGO building.  Sitting on the chair in the living room Luca had all this crazy stuff going on.  I’m not sure what the story was (Luca was talking too quietly for me to hear), but the play was filled with interesting sound effects.  Usually after school is done the cry goes up from Luca for movies, but not today.  Today Luca was content to play for a good long while and only wanted movies after dinner.

These are the kinds of reasons I wanted to homeschool again.  I like getting those moments when the kids say, “Mom, look at me!  I’m really good at this!”  It’s fun to see the kids light up when they finally get something that’s been challenging them.  I love that they get more time to play Minecraft and play with their toys.  Suddenly there’s time to play with their toys again.

The best part is (for the most part) there’s no more fighting with Sander to get his work done.  He used to cry through his reading every time I asked him to read.  Today we started our morning with reading and he cruised right through it.  We moved on to math, and while we had a slight meltdown over it being boring, once he finally started to see that he was actually doing pretty well at it, he cheered right up.  Normally writing is like pulling teeth, but now that he’s well rested when we work on it, he’s doing so much better.

Tomorrow I have a feeling is going to be another good day.  The kids have their jujitsu class again in the evening, so it’ll be a late night, but we’re getting used to that.  Their bedtime has been pushed back by an hour and they’ve been able to sleep in later, so that’s really helped.  Sander and Luca get in a nap in the afternoon, which helps keep them going for the walk.  Best of all, it’s helping us get into a really good routine.

It seems like I’ve really stumbled upon something.  Start the day with reading.  After reading get the kids on the computers.  After computer time we do some math.  If I’m feeling really inspired I do phonics with Luca and Sander.  Tomorrow I’m going to add in some writing with A.J.  Then the kids play for the rest of the afternoon.  We’re going to start having an early dinner, around 4:30-4:45ish, that way we can be out and ready to go on days where we’ve got to go to jujitsu.  Then on the days we go we’re out for three hours in the evening.

Wow, would you listen to me?  I’ve suddenly become one of those moms, you know the ones, they’re always actually busy with stuff for their kids.  Once we get a car we’ll be adding homeschool play dates and we might even try and fit in a co-op.  When the weather turns nice we plan to add geocashing to the list.  At this rate we’re never going to be home!  We’re not going to be “homeschooling” anymore.  We’re going to be “on-the-go-schooling” with plenty of time for Minecraft in the mix.


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With four kids, who has time for much? We spend a lot of time together, which translates to a lot of knitting time for me when we hang out. We've been trying to get back to our unschooling roots. We watch a lot of videos, play a lot of games, and pay attention to the things we notice in our everyday life. It's been quite the big adventure!

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