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An Accomplished Day


Today I feel like I really got stuff done.  Luca didn’t nap, so I didn’t get much done that way, but I still managed to get a lot squeezed in, at least considering how easily exhausted I’ve been lately.  I’m feeling pretty good about today.

img_20170110_102710_087Today started with a little bit of workbook time.  Yes, this picture actually is from today.  We worked on more letters, more sight words, and some shapes.  Luca really seems to like working in the workbooks, so I think it’s officially become a part of our unschooling routine.  I try and keep it on a pretty good schedule of working in the workbooks in the morning and leaving computer work until after nap time.  We also take some time to review the previous days letters and sight words.  I think we may put together some flash cards with the sight words and make a game out of it.  That might be a good way to get some of those words to stick.  It’s not as good in my mind as phonics, but at least Lica will have a foundation of words to start from and can hopefully begin the process of exploring books.  I know Luca will love that.

img_20170110_162255_587After the workbooks (and a failed attempt at napping during a few episodes of The Flash) we got some time in on Time 4 Learning.  Luca particularly likes the science program run through Science4Us.  I think all totalled that added another hour of time to our homeschooling.  I love this program because it’s fun for Luca.  Currently Luca’s working at the Kindergarten level after blowing through all the Pre-K lessons in all of a month.  We bumped Luca up to Kindergarten in hopes that it would provide a little more of a challenge, and it does.  I think we’ll easily be working at this level until the end of the year.  Next year we’ll probably bump it up to first grade level and see how hard that is.  It might be worth it.  We may also add a little bit of language through their deal with Rosetta Stone.  I think that would be a valuable expense for each of the kids.

img_20170110_152342_629While Luca was doing school we decided to start prepping to take down the tree in the living room.  That means all the stuff under the tree needed to find a home.  There’s a lot of stuff under there right now, so that meant starting to organize.  One of those steps was moving all the workbooks onto my shelf.  Well, they all fit.  That shelf says quite a lot about my family.  Starting at the left, we have two binders for character sheets.Then we have World of Darkness role playing books.  I have a couple of knitting books, then there’s The Art of Slush.  All of the rest is made up of workbooks.  I think this picture gives you a pretty good idea of what I’m about.  A little role playing, a little guitar (I picked that up in my absence), a little knitting, a little bit of yummy, and a lot of school stuff for the kids.  Oh, yeah, and then there’s the Monster sticker and the cute little sandals on the bottom next to my only pair of black heels (that I will probably never wear…)  It says mom doesn’t lose her style because she’s a mom, here are some things mom does, oh yeah, and mom is a little kid-focused.  You should see the rest of the bookshelves in our house.  Almost none of them have adult books on them.  It’s all stuff for the kids.

img_20170110_172025_083After all that crazy happened we had some art time and dance time with the kids.  This is Beekee/A.J.’s creature.  Apparently the blue is the mouth.  I’m still not clear on what it does or what it even is, but he created it and he had fun doing it, so that’s what really matters.  I think it looks pretty cool.

img_20170110_172720_850Sander drew a pizza, his favorite kind, pepperoni.  He even added his “frog face” to my photo so you’d all know just how much he likes pizza!  He’s starting to have real fun with the idea of breaking circles up into fractions.  Maybe it’s time we start teaching him how to do fractions.  Pizza math sounds like it could be a fun way to do it!

img_20170110_172904_418Then there’s Luca’s picture.  Luca wanted Sander in the picture.  I was told this is a picture of the bad guys crying because they don’t want to be bad guys.  While I never would have guessed that was the story here, I can really see how he would get to that point.  Luca’s certainly got a style going on.  Maybe Luca will grow up to be our next little artist.

20170110_184230Speaking of our resident artist, she’s been up to a lot of artwork lately.  It’s still very much her thing.  This picture is of a fox girl, or more accurately, a kitsune.  She says it’s an awful picture, but I’m inclined to disagree.  I think it’s pretty good, especially for a girl with no formal training in art.

20170110_184249Then there’s her snake.  Again, she says it’s awful, but I’m inclined to disagree.  For her first picture drawn from a How-to-Draw book, I think she did pretty well for herself.  The colors make it look like a snake my friend used to have.

20170110_184303Finally there’s the guinea pig.  I think this is my favorite, and it just so happens to look the most like the one out of the How to Draw Pets book.  She’s definitely coming right along as an artist.

In other news, sometime soon I’ll be posting a link to a blog written by Corde herself.  She’s going to be writing some fan fiction and posting it.  It’ll give you a chance to see her own work and not just view her through my eyes.  Once she’s got her computer up and running again, she’ll be starting a blog for her homeschooling portfolio too.  Then you can keep up on all the latest.


Author: Fox

With four kids, who has time for much? We spend a lot of time together, which translates to a lot of knitting time for me when we hang out. We've been trying to get back to our unschooling roots. We watch a lot of videos, play a lot of games, and pay attention to the things we notice in our everyday life. It's been quite the big adventure!

5 thoughts on “An Accomplished Day

  1. I am SO confused lol. What exactly is Unschooling? Because I homeschool, but don’t always follow a routine schedule. I teach the kids as we go and set goals to be accomplished during a certain time frame. I use methods like when we grocery shop to teach colors, shapes, nutrition..etc. I also do a Montessori hand’s on approach on certain days and also workbooks.
    I saw some ”unschooling” parents who let their kids lead how they learn, meaning I recently saw a video where an 11 year old didn’t know how to read, write, or identify letters and numbers. They said they are unschoolers, and unschooling is when the kids learn when they want to learn.
    Being a stay at home homeschooling mom can get exhausting, so take it day by day, as long as we accomplish our set goals for learning during that year.

    • That’s basically what unschooling is, letting kids learn the way they learn and following the kids’ cues. Some kids don’t learn to read or write until they’re older, then suddenly they bust out War and Peace. Other kids read early. One way or another, kids will learn to read because they’ll find it to be a necessary life skill and will want that sense of independence.

      And some unschoolers are more hardcore than others. Some literally never teach their kids anything and just provide ample opportunities for their kids. Other unschooling parents find creative ways to teach life skills. It also can vary by state. For example, I was of the mindset that kids will come to reading and writing as they come to it. Now I’m in a state that requires yearly assessment to prove the kids are “on grade-level,” so that freedom to just let the kids learn as and when they learn has kind of been stripped away to some degree. There’s just some content that we have to get through no matter what else we choose to do. Yet still we’re going to unschool because it’s going to be largely child-led and we’re going to provide lots of opportunities for learning, while modifying our experience to meet the state standards required of us.

      Does that help? I’d be happy to give you more information if you’d like. Maybe I’ll have to write a post on it.

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