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Help Us Make Our New Life!

Hey happy followers!

Do you want to help fund our next adventure?  Here’s your chance. We’re asking for help to buy an RV. This would allow us to stay where we’re at until our house is built, or to go where the wind takes us. It’s a time to start our next adventure.

The past year has been rough. The kids and I had to put up with trouble from Corde and Beekee’s dad. Their first and only visit to their dad ended in a crazy drive to Georgia to get them home. There was a crazy problem with CPS. Then Oz left, and I had nothing. He took the car, leaving me with no means of transportation. There was a problem with his father making advances on me, so the kids and I packed up and left.

I know in many ways we seemed happy. The truth was we weren’t doing all that great. I was trapped and isolated, as we’re the kids. There were some other problems too. To make a long story short, we are trying to pick our lives back up after a situation I now recognize as abusive.

Because I had to get out in a hurry, and shelters don’t offer much help, we’ve been bouncing from place to place. It’s time to stop bouncing and get our lives back.

Since the shelters and the government weren’t much help, I’m doing this on my own. We’re trying to start a campaign to help fund our dream. This is the first big step.

So, come on down and check it out.  We’re taking donations. No contribution is too small. You can find us at if you would like to help. Share the link around!

Why am I asking for funding instead of saving myself? I’m facing the prospect of no income, no home, no transportation, and no help from either dad. Since both my exes are doing the deadbeat thing, I have to do this all on my own. I need to get my life back together from scratch, and it’s not easy.  The kids deserve better.

I thank you all for standing by me and listening. I hope some of you are in a position to help me meet my goal. When I am able I will pass the gift along by helping someone else in need. We really all appreciate it!


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Apparently Name Changes Aren’t Allowed?

It looks like we may just be moving. With a domain name that I can’t afford I could do it, but just a plain old name change? Well, I can change the name, but not the domain address. As a result, I’m going to be starting over fresh. It will be kind of nice to have a fresh start without Oz being a part of the picture. I’ll post a link here as soon as it’s set up. I have no internet at home, and my phone is out of its service area, so I can’t update regularly yet, but soon.

In the meantime, if you’re interested, you should check out another blog that a certain someone you know is running. It’s not just about our family, or homeschooling. It’s about the place we’re living now. It’s only got a small amount of content up, but more will be coming soon. It’s about sustainable living, building an art colony, and our own lives. We’re two homeschooling families. The place is called Duninsane Woods. Please come check us out.

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Our Two Week Experiment with School

If you’ve been following along, you already know I’ve been doing the single mom thing. It’s hard to get a job when you’ve got four young kids at home, so I was encouraged to give school a chance, if I was open to it. Actually, the woman helping me out was very supportive of homeschooling, so she wasn’t pushy in the least. The kids were interested in trying it, so we did it. There were only about two and a half weeks left in the year, so it would be a good time to give them a sample. I was assured no testing would happen in that time and placement wouldn’t be effected until next year. They would just be passed through to the next grade.

It started out with a huge disappointment. Sander was supposed to start preschool. Last minute, the school said he couldn’t start so late in the year. He cried for days, all because he wanted to go to school.

Next I hear that Beekee is constantly in trouble. Of course, I don’t here this from the school. Beekee tells me himself. He’s constantly in trouble for breaking the rules.

Then Corde complained about being bullied. The kids at school were teasing her because she spent time with the boys. It got to the point where she wanted nothing more than to quit school.

Near the end of our experiment, I get a call. Beekee has been acting up in class. He won’t stand in line. He apparently can’t count past three. He can’t read. He can’t hold appropriate conversations. The principal and his teacher had decided to retain him.

I fought the decision to the bitter end. I know my child and I know it’s not a lack of education or that he just doesn’t have experience in a school setting. He’s just not handling these changes well. As much as he appears to cope with change well he really doesn’t. He acts up a lot and tests people. Of course, they don’t know my child, so they didn’t know that. The answer was adjusting from homeschool and he clearly wouldn’t know the difference. “Lots of kids get held back.” Yeah, in my experience with Texas schools, I know maybe five people that weren’t held back at some point. And blowing it off like that gives me no confidence in the school system.

Then there was the final blow. I was asked why I didn’t go to all the school events, the graduation, the award ceremonies, field day, and all of that. I’m a single mom with two small children at home. I was trying to care for them and look for work. I have no car, and I lived two and a half miles from the school, not walking distance for Sander. Since I have no toddler carrier, that meant Luca got the stroller. However, I was judged poorly because I couldn’t attend. Maybe if I had they would have worked with me.

As things stand, Sander wants to go to school. Beekee only wants to go back if he goes on to second grade. Corde doesn’t want to go back at all. I might see if I can find some kind of class for Sander to attend as “school”. Beyond that, I’m done with school. I gave it a try, like everyone I knew kept telling me I should. Now all my friends that do prefer school can stop telling me to give it a chance, even though I know they’ll excuse bullying as “normal” or blame me for encouraging my kids to be weird. They’ll probably tell me to try a different school. I’ve just had it. I gave it an honest try, hoping Corde would enjoy having friends and we might be able to find out what’s going on with Beekee. I found out, at best, they wouldn’t test him until halfway through the year next year for a learning problem, and that’s pretty standard across the state. So I’m done with it. I went in pretty positive and in two weeks the school managed to get under my skin, make Corde hate it, and made me the bad guy on telling Beekee he was being held back, which he told me I couldn’t do. He was a second grader. If that’s what they do in two weeks, I’d hate to see what a school year would do.


Name Change Comimg Soon!

Okay, folks! We’re on to the next chapter of our lives. I’m not ashamed to admit that it’s been a trying year. For those of you following along, you know we left the trailer park. We went to stay with family. Oz left. After that, our situation turned sour. We went on to a shelter, and that was rough. Now we’re finally able to put our feet down. We’re headed for bigger and better things.

So, in honor of no longer being in tge trailer park, we’re changing our name, as soon as we can figure out how. I’m not sure what we’ll call it yet, but it will relate to our new situation. Yes, we are still unschooling. After a brush with the school system, we decided that would be best. We’re going to be true to the spirit of our family.

Right now we’ve been going through a phase of deschooling. It’s not just with school either. Having to go through the rigid structure of the shelter, we’re all just kind of being lazy, wild, and free. We’re decompressing, and we really needed it.

The past few days have been pretty blah, but we’re starting to get into the groove again. Corde has befriended a kitten that she carries everywhere. Luca tries to carry them around too. Good thing these cats are patient. The kids discovered a frog, played with snails, checked out the garden to see what was ripening, and enjoyed plenty of mud and dirt. It’s becoming an adventure. It won’t be long before we’re making daily discoveries. The kids are so much happier and freer. Best of all, they’re not facing any crazy judgment. It’s a step in the right direction, one we needed to take.

So, stay tuned as we get things rolling. We’re going to have plenty of new things to share!