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Moving Forward

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Life has been interesting the past few weeks. The kids have all been off their schooling more than I would like. We’ve done no reading together. It’s just been all mixed up, a jumble, trying to muddle through. We can’t go on like this forever. We need to get on with our lives. It’s time.

The kids have been going crazy. With no car we spend too much time stuck in the house. The kids have been stressed and upset, and other situations have been causing a lot of additional anxiety. None of the kids are taking it well. Lucabear has gotten incredibly clingy. His separation anxiety, which was getting better is now getting worse again. Sander has been throwing massive tantrums. He hasn’t thrown fits like this in a long time. Beekee has been having accidents again, even during the day. Corde has been even more emotional, bossy, and cranky. They can tell. They sense something us up, and they’re not wrong. All is not peaceful.

Well, we’re going to fix that. I have a plan. I’m not going into details until that plan is in motion, but I hope to tell you all soon. It’s going to be in vague detail, but enough. Just know change is happening and we will be safe.

For those of you who are the praying sort, keep us in your prayers. We could use all the help we csn get. This is a terrifying change, but we will overcome. I just need to stay strong and do the best I can for my kids.


Author: Fox

With four kids, who has time for much? We spend a lot of time together, which translates to a lot of knitting time for me when we hang out. We've been trying to get back to our unschooling roots. We watch a lot of videos, play a lot of games, and pay attention to the things we notice in our everyday life. It's been quite the big adventure!

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