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Fairy Swaps

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Today Corde made swaps for the fairy festival. It was nice to see her excited. It’s been all kinds of emotional for her lately. Excited is a good mood. It’s better than she’s been lately. She’s been a rollercoaster lately.

The craft today involved some little wooden people shapes, girls and boys. They were decorated and had little wings put on. They looked so cute. I’ll have to put up pictures soon.

Now Corde has a gift she can give to the kids she meets. She should enjoy that. I can’t wait to see them all finished!


Author: Fox

With four kids in the house, who has time for much? Well, we're trying to make it work, trying to get as close to our unschooling roots as we can while state restrictions and family pressures try to stand in our way. Every day is a new adventure.

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