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Exaggeration and Letter Writing

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Corde seems to finally know what her imagination is for. It only took her headfirst ten years of her life! I just wish she knew when to dial it back and not exaggerate.

Corde’s story of the day was about her science car. First it was the only car not to follow the circular path the other cars did. Then it ran rogue and went so fast it even drove on the ceiling. She followed this with her car nearly catching on fire and running over some poor kid in her class. It was all I could do not to tell her to stop lying. I did have to ask her to dial it back a bit. She kept trying to pass it off as true, even though I know it’s quite impossible.

Then there are her fairies. She claims she has a bunch of fairies that follow her around, help her out, or sometimes make mischief. This is all fine when it’s time for joking around. When I need her to be serious so I can get something done or figure something out it’s a bit much.

I have to admit, a part of me loves her creativity. She could be a great writer some day with those skills. She just needs to learn to write it down.

Thankfully, writing is on the list. Both Corde and Beekee have decided to start writing letters to their aunt and uncle. I hope this is a start of a letter writing revival. The post office could benefit from more letter writing and the kids would certainly enjoy it. This could be the start of something fantastic and new for both of them!


Author: Fox

With four kids, who has time for much? We spend a lot of time together, which translates to a lot of knitting time for me when we hang out. We've been trying to get back to our unschooling roots. We watch a lot of videos, play a lot of games, and pay attention to the things we notice in our everyday life. It's been quite the big adventure!

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