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First Day of Co-op


Yesterday was the start of co-op. The big kids weren’t there, but they would have loved it. I didn’t have much to do with Corde’s classes, but I did get to see one of them. I’m pretty excited for them. I think they’re going to love it.

Of course, I was late. I forgot how much time it takes to get out the door for these things! Our last co-op was much more relaxed, so I had much less to prepare for.  Now I’ll also have more kids to get ready and get out the door. It’ll also be easier to get everything ready with more kids. Corde and Beekee can carry their own things, which would mean they could get out of there easier. Then again, I wouldn’t have had to take their science kits home, meaning I would have had two less things to take home with me.

Poor Sander. He was so upset about the assembly. He didn’t want to go in. He wanted to go play. We arrived just in time to get his nametag on, so he didn’t have time to play. He was very upset with me. However, it all was quickly forgotten when he got to hold the orange ring at the front of the line when going to his class. He got to sit on an orange mat with his name on it for circle time too.

Luca kept finding me in the teacher’s lounge. He was so upset when they closed the door to their room for circle time. He was angry at nap time too. However, he was so happy the rest of the day. He had so much fun.

My first official class was Beekee’s writing class. It’s a small class and I can tell Beekee is going to have some trouble. He’s behind the rest of the class on writing skills. I got to assist on his science class too. He would have had fun. They were building cars. He’s going to do the work at home. Corde’s class did a similar project, but it was more advanced. They’re going to enjoy that. I also got to see Corde’s Latin class, since I was so lost and unprepared to teach the third grade Latin. We combined the classes for the week. She’s going to have fun with that class. She gets to sing songs and make flash cards with famous Latin sayings. I got a peek at history, but only through assisting with the older kids. It should be fun. Next week they start on the civil war. The art class looked like a lot of fun too.

In a way I’m really glad we decided to put Cords in fourth grade, not fifth/sixth. The classes would probably intimidate her. She’s never had to do so much writing. They do outlines and reports. They even do book reports, which I think would be problems for her. She would also be one of two girls in the class. As much as Corde would get along fine with them, and she would love the culinary arts class, I think she gets enough boy time at home. The fourth grade class is mostly girls. I think she’ll feel a lot better getting the girl time she doesn’t get at home. She can always catch up and be in sixth next year. I have a feeling she’ll catch up quick. Since the firsthand sixth grades may still be combined on a lot of classes next year it may not even matter much to her.

Beekee’s class has a lot of girls too. He probably won’t care much about that. He never cared much about girls or boys as friends. I think he’s going to be more excited about the things he’ll be learning. He’ll have a bunch of new Latin songs to drive me crazy with. He’ll be building things in science since they’re doing physics. History involves coloring and maps, which may be fun. He should really enjoy the co-op this year.

This is a lot more structured than anything we’ve done before. It’s very much in opposition to unschooling, but the kids are both kind of feeling directionless. This could be just what they need to start getting inspired again. They’ll be exploring lots of science and history with encouragement to study deeper into anything they really enjoy. It won’t be in the way I would have done it, but it should be fun. The kids keep talking about wanting to try school. This would give them a good taste of what school is like without putting them in school. I guess it’s sort of a half-step between school and what we’re doing now. They may love it and want to stick with it. They may love some aspects of it. They may just hate it all and want to go back to what they were doing. The major point is they tried something new.

Next week the kids will all get to go. Hopefully no one will hate me too much. Getting back into the swing of things means the kids will have a good distraction from missing Georgia. Hopefully they’ll have a couple days of down time before they have to jump in and catch up. We’ll see how it goes. I’m really looking forward to a fun year at co-op too. It’s going to be an exciting adventure. I’m sure the kids will love it too.


Author: Fox

With four kids, who has time for much? We spend a lot of time together, which translates to a lot of knitting time for me when we hang out. We've been trying to get back to our unschooling roots. We watch a lot of videos, play a lot of games, and pay attention to the things we notice in our everyday life. It's been quite the big adventure!

2 thoughts on “First Day of Co-op

  1. I think I missed your post explaining what a co-op was? I am gathering it is similar to an actual school but taught by the parents? I need clarification Fox!!!!

    • Yup, that’s kind of how it works, and only one day a week. It provides a chance to socialize, learn with a larger group, and experience things one family may not be able to provide due to lack of personal understanding, exposure to the subject, or whatever it may be. It’s a lot of fun.

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