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A Change of Circumstance


Well, I did everything possible but straight up tell Oz I wouldn’t allow it. Now on top of everything else we have going on, we have a friend coming to stay with us while he gets back on his feet. It’s hard to say no when it’s Oz’s best friend, especially since they met through the military.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling we’re going to butt heads. He has a very different parenting philosophy. He also has the belief homeschooling isn’t a great choice. He was all thrilled to suggest we should move up by hom where the curriculum is provided and the kids would be subjected to yearly standardized testing. He thought that was fantastic. I’m sure anyone reading thos knows how I feel about that. I’m not interested in living with anyone that isn’t a homeschool supporter.

It’s not just that. I also get the picture that he plans on moving his girlfriend and kids into our little trailer. For starters, management would flip. We’re already maxed out in occupancy. Having one long-term guest is hard enough. He’d be introducing a woman we’ve never met, a 1 1/2 year old, and a 2 1/2 year old into the mix. That’s just too much for me. It’s too many small people for one house and our parenting styles are too different. It’s just not going to work even if management wouldn’t flip.

So for a while things are going to be tight and stressful. I’m going to do my best to keep up with what the kids are doing, but I really don’t know how much I’ll be writing. I don’t do well when I feel like other people are invading my home.


Author: Fox

With four kids, who has time for much? We spend a lot of time together, which translates to a lot of knitting time for me when we hang out. We've been trying to get back to our unschooling roots. We watch a lot of videos, play a lot of games, and pay attention to the things we notice in our everyday life. It's been quite the big adventure!

4 thoughts on “A Change of Circumstance

  1. I wish you luck for the upcoming days… I think its awful when people push their views and beliefs on other people. I am all for sitting down, talking about what I believe vs what you may believe; all to achieve a better understanding of each other and the choices they make. By no means would I even think of forcing my views on others… I wish you so much luck

  2. This sounds really hard for you 😦 I made the mistake when I was younger of not feeling like I could say no to things, but finally I realized that it okay to set limits. For me, I have to put the needs of my kids first, and that means taking care of myself too 🙂 At this point in my life, I would never agree to something like this. I apologize if I’ve offered unsolicited advice, feel free to disregard it! Your post just struck a chord with me, reminded me of times in the past when I agreed to things I shouldn’t have.

    • Thank you, honestly. Oz and I ended up having a long talk about it, and he’s right, a lot of good could come of this. He laid the law early in saying it’s my house and my rules before our guest was even through the door. It’ll be easier with his support. I’m glad you were here to remind me it’s okay to put my family’s needs over what a guest might say. It helps to have other people support my need to put my foot down.

      Thankfully our guest isn’t generally known for being more than a little overbearing. Hopefully it’ll stay that way.

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