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Homeschoolers Everywhere


I have to say, I love one aspect of living in this area. There are a lot of homeschoolers. We just met another homeschool family last night while hanging out with the hoopers. I’d love to meet up with them for tonight’s movie, but I think we all may be too tired. Besides, we’ve already seen this week’s movie.

Hooping was fun for the kids last night. Sander is still too young to get it. Beekee is just starting to pick up the skill. Then there’s Corde. I can see her doing all kinds of crazy tricks when she’s older. She’s gotten pretty good. She can even do two hoops at once! I’m really impressed because I was never really all that good.

Even Luca had a blast. He was walking around, taking it all in. He even tried to help clean up the hoops, but they were much too big fot him to handle. That didn’t stop him from trying, of course! It was a learning experience for him.

I know the kids can’t wait until next week. They love this event, and having friends there just makes it better. It’s just too bad it only runs in May and June. Well, by then we should have made some friends to plan other things with!


Author: Fox

With four kids in the house, who has time for much? Well, we're trying to make it work, trying to get as close to our unschooling roots as we can while state restrictions and family pressures try to stand in our way. Every day is a new adventure.

2 thoughts on “Homeschoolers Everywhere

  1. sounds like you guys have been having a great past couple of weeks! glad to see things have began to look up for you!!

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