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Life with a Car


We just picked up Emmy a couple of weeks ago and she’s already seen some craziness. Emmy is our car. She already has a name. We’ve always named our cars. It’s the ones we don’t name that we know won’t be around for long.

Anyhow, Emmy’s been busy! She took us to WIC last Tuesday, Lu a’s doctor on Thursday, and to the dentist and a play date on Friday. Saturday the kids stayed with a sitter while we took Luca to scope out some places to live and find the park for this week’s play date. Sunday Oz didn’t go to church because they had some conference thing instead, but he did get out and run some errands. Yesterday we made it out to put in our application to one apartment place. I’m a little nervous about applying there. The apartments are tax credit apartments, which are geared towards working class families. It feels like they need yoir whole life story to apply, but I’m getting sidetracked.

Sander and Luca were great at WIC. We didn’t even have tears for the anemia test. Sander was my little helper. He carried their stuffed animals and the clipboard. He would have taken the diaper bag too, but it was too heavy.

The doctor’s visit went alright. We were glad we went in early to scope out some apartments. The kids had a ton of lolipops between the apartments and the doctor. They had a great time. The doctor doesn’t seem so scary when you don’t get shots! Now they all want to go!

Friday was an adventure. I love our dentist. It’s a little to campy and kiddie in my opinion, but the kids are excited to go back. Best of all they had the kids stacked up with back-to-back appointments, which meant they could just roll through them. It was a little stressful on me because I felt like I needed to be in two rooms at once, but it wasn’t too bad. Corde went first and we just went down the line by age. She did her x-rays and all that, then went on to her cleaning and dental exam while Beekee got his x-rays done. Sander was next and he was too funny. He was spaced out the whole time like he was half asleep. Then Luca had a quick cleaning and check up. He had four mote teeth ready to pop any day now. He just cut the top two last night. The kids learned how many baby teeth a person has. They figured out how many teeth Corde’s lost and how many she has left to loose. They counted their teeth. They learned about how teeth grow. It was really kind of fun. Teeth creep me out (well, when it comes to losing them and cavities and things) but I even thought it was kind of cool.

After the dentist we went to meet a friend I met on Facebook. She has two awesome unschooled boys. Corde and her older son hit it off and were playing like they’d known each other forever. The kids had so much fun that we’re doing it again this week! It was a bit much for Beekee, but there was a lot of excitement in one day.

When I bought Oz back to one of the places to check it out we got some awesome news. They just had a four bedroom open up. It will mean putting our move date off by another month and a half, but it’s a four bedroom. It’s not really any bigger than their three bedrooms so all the rooms are a little smaller. At the same time it means all the kids can have their own rooms until Luca is old enough to move out of our room. We may even consider turning one room into a play room or school room since Corde wants to try something with a little more structure next year. It also means I can set each kid up in their own room with something when they’re driving each other nuts. Corde has her room. One boy goes to one room. One goes to the other room. Luca gets set up in the living room. Problem solved!

The only concern I have with these apartments is the approval process. We both have utility bills on our credit reports more than likely. We also have an old eviction that we owe on. If any of that shows up we have to pay it by our move date and may have a higher deposit because of it. That could make getting it all paid by our June move date a little tricky. Keep your fingers crossed for us! With no stove and two new leaks in the roof above the windows in the dining room and laundry room, we’re ready to move! This place has a stove, fridge that works correctly, and an above-the-stove microwave. They have an exterminator through every Tuesday, so all you need to do is add your name to the list if there’s a problem. It’s also walking distance to the grocery store, craft stores, office supply stores, a pet store, a game store, Home Depot, Lowes, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and Target. We’ll have plenty of places to go pick stuff up or just browse if we want. There’s a bus stop right down the street from the apartment complex and the train station is right behind the complex. That means we can easily get anywhere we want without having to take the car. We’d also be close to tons of parks, the homeschool co-op we’re thinking about, the library, and all the places the homeschool groups meet. In case you haven’t guessed, we really want this to work out. The kids love it there too. Two playgrounds, two pools, and a basketball court definitely appeal to the kids. Sander likes that we can see the train without having to go far. He loves trains. Corde loves that everything is so close, so she’ll have places to go spend the money she earns. It’s really ideal in a lot of ways.

Sadly, the neighborhood has a reputation for being a little bit rough in comparison to the classy appearance it has. From what we’ve seen it’s no different than some of the other places we’ve livrd. Bored teens do stupid things and upset other residents. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before. It’s still better than where we live now. We’ve definitely got our hopes up.

Tomorrow I’m bringing down the rest of our documentation on our way to our play date. We should have an answer not long after that. It shouldn’t be long before we can start figuring out what comes next!


Author: Fox

With four kids, who has time for much? We spend a lot of time together, which translates to a lot of knitting time for me when we hang out. We've been trying to get back to our unschooling roots. We watch a lot of videos, play a lot of games, and pay attention to the things we notice in our everyday life. It's been quite the big adventure!

2 thoughts on “Life with a Car

  1. That sounds GREAT! I’ll pray for you and the family to get approved! Even if the area is a little rough it beats the trailer park any day! More stable and secure for the kiddies! 🙂

    • Overall I don’t have too many problems with trailers, nor the people who live in them. The companies that manage them on the other hand…this will be a step up in the world.

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