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Birthdays, WIC, Lost Teeth, and Bugs


Let me first say that this is my first ever attempt at posting from my phone. I have nkoo idea how this is going to turn out, but our net is out, so we’re trying it. We’ve decided to prioritize other things than internet right now, such as moving and getting a nee car. At least it doesn’t mean disappering for a month.

So, what have we been up to? We finally got a car. It only seats 5, but we didn’t financially qualify for anything bigger, which stinks. We looked on Craigslist, but I don’t trust the cars listed there not to need a ton of work and the ones in our price range meant finding someone to drive us an hour or more away to just to look at them. At least now we have something. That’s a start. When the kids and I go out the boys ride in back and Corde sits up front. I know it’s not recommended until she’s 13, but it’s not illegal. We don’t have much choice since we’re going to need a car for Oz to get to and from work when we move.

On Saturday Beekee lost his first tooth. It’s been a “no big deal” kind of thing since he had two wiggly teeth. He mentioned them once, then saud nothing until Saturday when one started to bleed. A couple hours later it popped out.

The next day was Easter, and my first visit to the church Oz has been going back to. Corde lives it there. Me? Well…a few Mormon jokes admittedly come to mind. Truth be told, I don’t belong there. There’s all this talk about “the truth” and how “we know that it’s true”. To be perfectly honest, the words “true” and “truth” no.longer hold meaning for me. They’ve been repeated so often that they’ve just become strange sounds that roll through my mouth in some weird way. I’m glad Corde and Oz enjoy it though. And let me tell you, my family sticks out! My boys don’t own a single pair of slacks among the lot of them. The button-down shirts are fun gingham and plaids, definitely not your standard “dress shirt”. None of the boys have ties. Honestly, I think Beekee would be uncomfortable dressed up like that, though Sander might think it’s fun. Then there’s dress shoes. We’ve never owned dress shoes for the boys and the one pair Corde had she outgrew. Corde’s only got a couple of church-appropriate things. Let’s not even go into what I have to wear. Oz stands out as the only man with a colored shirt in a sea of white shirts amd ties. I’m the only one in jeans and not even owning a single dress or skirt. That’s not taking into account my piercings and tattoo. I don’t really get it either. The actual ceremony part of it all seems really unapealing and dull to me. If the classes after are anything like having the missionaries visit, I think my mind might just go numb. It’s just really not my thing, but I’m glad Oz has found what appeals to him. Corde has a blast too. Beekee even sat on his class, but it’s painfully obvious he’s different. I’ve had a few people ask if he’s on the autism spectrum. Even watching him in class, he sat in the back, away from the other kids and didn’t want to participate. That was only after trying to get him to stop hoovering at the door. He’s just not your average kid.

Anyhow, after church Corde disappeared off with a new friend for the rest of the day. She’s been invited out to the girls’ activity days that happen twice a month, so she’s excited. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing less and less of her as she starts meeting new kids and making new friends!

Then there was Beekee’s birthday. He’s got all kinds of magic stuff. He’s set up to be a real magician if he wants. He also lost another tooth. Now he’s missing his two bottom front teeth! He was very excitrd about that. It’s hard to believe he’s already 6!


Beekee thinks he’s got this whole thing figured out with magical house guests. As far as he’s concerned, the Easter bunny is fiction. He’s never seen bunnies with baskets or eggs and they run away from people. It just doesn’t make sense. Plus bunnies are to small for all that. Santa, on the other hand, as much as he thinks it’s impossible, he’s decided it’s better to go with it. He doesn’t want to lose out on the presents. The tooth fairy is definitely real because fairies are always real. He soesn’t understand why she wants teeth, but he’s okay with it because it’s gotten him $2. Then there’s God. He’s decided there is know way one person can know or see everything. God cannot be real. Interestingly enough, he’s decided that Jesus must be real. He learned that Jesus came back from the dead, so that means he’s a zombie, but one that doesn’t eat people. Apparently this is totally possible.

In other news, we finally got back on WIC. Let me tell you, that program is half useless for us. We don’t do any milk but whole milk, which we don’t qualify for. The boys only do soy and almond milk, but you need a prescription for that. They give us infant cereal that I’ll never use because Luca can’t self-feed with that. He refuses being fed. We get 31 jars of baby meats. Even Sander, who would eat anything, refused those baby meats. They’re bland, flavorless, nasty, and totally pountless since Luca just picks meats off my plate anyway. We get 64 jars of fruits and vegetables, but Luca won’t eat those either. Again, it’s that spoon-fed issue. I might look into the jars of apples since it’s basically apple sauce and the big kids will eat it. I might see if there’s other flavors that might make a decent creamy snack for them, but Luca won’t touch the stuff. We know because we tried! They gave me tofu since I don’t do dairy and I’m nursing. I’ve never used tofu in my life. I can’t stand the texture of the stuff and have no idea how to prepare it. I can’t complain too much. We get cereal, bread, cheese, beans, peanut butter, and other things we do use. They give us juice, tuna, and some money for fruits and vegetables, which are staples in this house. We get a lot of good out of it. I just wish you could opt out of things you don’t use in trade for things you will. Let me pick soy milk without a prescription. Let me change out that infant cereal for Cheerios. Let me swap the baby food for more money to put towards fruits and vegetables and beans for protein because he lives those. Give me an alternative to tofu, like non-dairy cheese. Let us actually get maximum benefit from it instead of a bunch of junk we don’t use.

Finally, we have an update on our extermination process. $40 of that bug treatment stuff later and we still have a significant problem…and we’ve spotted signs of bed bugs. The exterminator still swears we don’t have bed bugs and the last visit did almost nothing for the bugs. We’ve come to the conclusion that they’ve been living in the walls all along. The more thorough we spray, the more we see them coming out of the walls in places we hadn’t yet seen them come from before. Sadly, for this whole process of the place being sprayed effectively once a week, the problem is no better. I don’t even want to tell you how many bugs we’ve killed (it’s kind of gross to think about) but there is no change. Since the bugs don’t mature to adulthood that fast, we’re starting to realize for every one bug we kill there have to be at least ten more to replace it. We’ve recently found out that many of these trailers likely have thousands of bugs living in the walls that never get handled between tenents. Bombing won’t do any good because the fumes don’t get into the walls. We’ve known a few people to bomb and still have problems. No amount of cleanliness does the trick. It’s only a matter of time before they show up. I’m so glad we’re getting out if here. I know the nugs will only follow us, but if we can minimize how many tag aling for the ride, that will greatly help, and if we can start prevention the day we move, we’ll already be ahead of the game.

Now, off to do some carseat research. Luca’s too big for his seat at 20lbs. Sander’s seat is 6 years old and should be replaced too. For the time being, Luca will be moving to Sander’s seat, rear facing. Sander will be moving to Beekee’s. Beekee will take Corde’s booster. Corde is old enough to.legally do without. After our move and getting settled, we’ll be getting Luca a new convertable booster (rear facing to 30lbs preferably). The boys will be getting 5 point harness seats because they’re safer. Corde will be getting a new booster base because that’s safer too. I know none of her friends have boosters, but I care more about safety than her friends. We kind of hoped Luca would clear a year before needing to replace his seat, especially since it’s only been used maybe a dozen times.

Anyhow, wish us luck with the move. We’ll be leaving behind as mych as possible and replacing it to minimize chances of bugs following us. All of our furniture is staying since we’ve seen bed bugs on pretty much all of it. Then we’re considering hiring an exterminator after we get settled at the new place, just to be sure. We’re not taking any chances here…


Author: Fox

With four kids, who has time for much? We spend a lot of time together, which translates to a lot of knitting time for me when we hang out. We've been trying to get back to our unschooling roots. We watch a lot of videos, play a lot of games, and pay attention to the things we notice in our everyday life. It's been quite the big adventure!

4 thoughts on “Birthdays, WIC, Lost Teeth, and Bugs

  1. It’s got to be nice having a set of wheels! I love the Jesus zombie theory! It makes perfect sense!

  2. Do people really come up to you asking if your son is autistic?! That’s Rude! ARGH! He’s un-schooled! He’s not used to sitting in a class room! Some people, I swear!

    I had to get Julia a new seat a few months ago. She is over the height requirement. I got her a cheap one at Walmart for $40. Its a Cosco brand. I did research and then reliased all carseats have to meet the legal standards in order to be on shelves. She likes it!

    I hear you about WIC. I can’t even get anything with meat in it. I get denied at checkout. She did try it at a friends house and gagged on it. The only thing she refuses in baby food is Green Peas/Beans but if I get mixed veggies it’s fine and she will eat it. I can still spoon feed her. 🙂 Luckily formula ONLY IF POWDER FORM is on food stamps as WIC refuses to give me formula. GRRRR

    Good luck with everything!!

    • Well, in all fairness, Beekee does show a lot of the signs. He’s not much for playing with others. He’s not so much on the eye contact. He hears things once and remembers them in exacting detail. He obsesses over things. I could go on and on. He does show a lot of the signs and most people just want to be helpful.

      As for baby food, Luca has never really had any. He’s had a couple bites of the applesauce when the big kids eat it, but he’d rather have solid food. I can’t blame him. I wouldn’t want that mush either! I just wish WIC wasn’t so picky because the big kids would probably love the oatmeal and fruit ones!

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