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So Much for Plans…

This week hasn’t gone according to plan at all. I’m not really complaining. We had a lot of fun. Sometimes it seems we always get what we need, even if we didn’t plan on it.

I have to admit, I’m utterly exhausted right now. We’ve had a busy week. First there was recovery from the Austin trip. Then we had Beekee’s doctor’s appointment. We were wicked late for that and missed it. We got our water bill paid. We went to pay our electric bill. At Kroger we ran into a woman who grew up not far from where I did. She’s about the same age as my mom and happened to be in town visiting family. Her daughter homeschools too. She was talking about havibg God in her life making everything work out and what that really meant. She had five kids of her own and it was talking about the kids and homeschooling that got us talking. It was one of those moments when most of everything seemed to click. It was like we were meant to be there. I’m not even sure what had me thinking she might know where we would go to pay our electric, and I normally don’t have the guts to stop someone to ask. I’m too shy. Maybe something in me just knew I needed to talk to her. It’s funny, but it was like she somehow knew the words to help me realize everything’s going to be just fine. I didn’t even know I needed to hear it. I thought I knew everything would be okay, but somehow I was more confident after that.

Our next stop was the park. Since we ended up rescheduling Beekee’s appointment I wanted to make sure we had some reason to go into town. We decided paying the bill and going to the park would be it. Corde wanted to go to the park the Monday play date is at, but I decided to go to the one with the castle instead. I like that park better. The boys have more fun there and I can just let the kids dissappear because I can park myself at the only way in or out. Our only problem is Luca’s love of eating acorns. I think he might have been a squirrel in a previous life. I have to watch him like a hawk to make sure he’s not going to put any in his mouth!

We got there and took a little hike on the nature trail. Sander had an accident, so we didn’t make the full loop this time, but we’ll definitely try again. The kids thought it sounded boring while walking past that fun playground, but they quickly realized there were so many interesting things to see. They can’t wait to go back. Well, Sander can, but he has a hard time getting past the playground. I can’t blame him! It’s a fun little place!


After that we went to the playground. It was surprisingly packed! We just happened to go on a day the homeschoolers were out. Not only was it a group of homeschoolers, but it was members from the secular homeschool yahoo group that hosts the Monday play date. We had no idea they did anything on Thursdays. Corde and Beekee bith made new friends and Sander found three new kids just about his age to run around with. It turned out to be a pretty good day. We met Oz at the library and hung out for a good while after that.

Yesterday we were supposed to have another play date at the castle park, but Corde’s friend ended up going on a road trip with his dad and had to reschedule. Thankfully, Corde wasn’t disappointed. She thought it was great that he got to go on a work trip with his dad, so we went back to the library. Corde picked up a new manga that she can’t put down. She loves manga. Nor only is it a grapgic novel format, but she gets to read it back to front by American standards. I can’t complain too much. At least she’s reading, even if it is Naruto. I forgot how much I missed Library trips. Beekee got some books on Daniel Boon, Davy Crocket, and Sam Houston. He now wants to go visit the historic site for the Alamo in San Antonio. We might just schedule that trip for the fall when Oz has saved up some paid time off and the weather’s still nice enough to camp. I have to admit, I’ve literally walked right into the side of the Alamo once, but I didn’t get to go in. I swore I’d go, but I haven’t gone yet. We might as well go while the kids have interest.

After that Corde and Beekee went over to a neighbor’s house to play. Poor Sander was so upset to be left out that Oz and I packed Luca up and the whole family went over to hang out. Corde and Beekee even ended up staying the night. It was great to get out and see people. I love my readers here, and some if you I would love to meet in person and have a nice, long talk (because you’re truly awesome people and it would be great to have you in my community!) but it’s really great to sit and talk with people face to face. It seems like we’re meeting so many people I don’t know what to do!

Today we saw that same family again. We missed the Arts and Jazz festival, but we did get to go to their youngest’s birthday party. The kids had a blast. Oz had a great time too. I even broke out of my shell enough to have a decent time. It really was worth the trip, even though Oz said he was too tired to go.

I can’t blame him for being tired either. We had a long day! I’ve been reading books on cleaning and decluttering, just for fun, really. I knew what I needed to do and we’ve been working through it slowly. However this boik hit me right where I needed it and the one I just started is kund of finishing the job of getting me off my tail to do it. I really have been going about it all wrong. I can’t think in terms of what we don’t need and use, though that does work. I need to be thinking in terms if the purposes for our space. That being said, I decided to take on the massive unfertaking of renoving everything from our room that doesn’t belong there, or at least stowing it in a way that makes more sense. In the process we’ve finally managed to get Sander out of our bed. With four people in our bed our queen-sized just isn’t big enough. We solved this by moving Sander’s bed into our room. Sander is happy to be in our room. We’ll be able to start getting Luxa used to not sleeping in our bed because Sander and Luca like to sleep all cuddled up together. Sander wants Luca to sleep in his bed two or three nights a week, or at least for naps. They both nap better together, so we’ll try it. Strangely, moving Sander’s bed into our room seemed to create more space and we haven’t even moved Luca’s dresser out yet. We’re using our room as a trial run, then we’re going to do the same in the kids’ rooms. Most of all, Beekee is happy because he has room for toys in his room again.

Unfortunately, this seems to have angered the bugs. They’ve started to be more annoying than usual. Thankfully, we know all the places to target now that they’ve been running from the areas we have been spraying. This bug problem is a nightmare, but we’re making progress. We may actually beat it yet! That’s really saying something with the state of this place. We were starting to think moving was our only option. I can also be thankful for the bugs for another reason. We’ve been hearing all kinds of noise in the walls and Sabrina’s been going out of her kitty mind. I was starting to think the problem was mice, which could have been fine. Mice don’t last long with cats around and they would make for a great lesson. Then Oz opens the pannel the breaker box door is behind and has something jump out at him. It took him a minute to find where it went, but he quickly realized it was a gecko! I saw two more just tonight. They’re not babies either. These are some big old geckos! And what do I have to say about that? Best “infestation” ever! The kids always love seeing the geckos and they make for great lessons. Their hibernation season is ending and it’s becoming clear we have a gecko problem. Well, I wouldn’t really call it a problem. I’ve seen them chow down on roaches. It’s like a delicacy to them. I’ve seen them go for roaches over other, tastier looking bugs. Geckos mean the friendly jumping spiders the kids love so much will be back on our porch again soon too. It also marks the beginning of fly season, so this might be a goid time to get some carniverous plants to study. I’ve always wanted a venus fly trap. Now I have an excuse, homeschooling and Texas flies. We live right by two stables, a cattle ranch, a family that raises sheep, and a chicken farm that also has a couple cows and a small herd of sheep, plenty to attract flies.

The kids are enjoying the return of the wildlife season. Last night the kids saw a baby opposum. The neighbor picked it up by the tail and all the kids got to pet it. It was pretty chill for being swarmed by four adults and six kids. Sander was afraid of it, so he wouldn’t go near it. He mad Oz carry him home because he was afraid the “good guy paws some” wouldn’t bite his toes. They also saw some pretty blue-green beetles that were pretty massive. I’ll have to look that one up. There was a brown bug that looked like a dead leaf. The saw the deadly “wasper” that tried to crawl up Oz’s pant leg. The world is really coming alive around us.

Anyhow, we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow. We have church in the afternoon and want to make it to the Art and Jazz Festival. We also need to get Luca’s dresser to it’s new home and finish up our room. Beekee’s room is next so we can fit his toys back in there. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us to get this place where we want it to be, but we’re making progress. We’re even finally not just getting on top of our bills, but getting our lives back on track. We’re finally almost up to date on everything. Now I just need to find the money for the co-op before that fills up, or hope the other local co-op has openings. Keep your fingers crossed on that!



The First Road Trip

We finally had our first real road trip as a family! It wasn’t much of one, or wasn’t supposed to be. We were only going to Austin, but that turned into a 5 hour drive out and a whopping 8 hour drive home! Thankfully the kids are pretty awesome in the car. They went through the whole trip with minimal complaining, even though they were all awake for most of it, even Luca.

For poor Luca the trip was rough. He wasn’t used to long car rides. His allergies started acting up which made him sound like a frog. He was dropped by my friend’s daughter and he bonked his head, poor guy. It was not a fun trip. He did get to play with other kids and met a lot if new people, so that was cool.

Thankfully we got home and everyone was rqually burnt out. The kids weren’t too upset about missing the play date yesterday, nor about canceling the play date for Friday because Corde’s friend will be unexpectedly away. They’re excited to go to the library today, but that’s a short trip, which helps.

The trip back was probably the most eventful for the kids. We learned about traffic. We talked about maps and traveling. We went over all the crazy events going in in Austin over the weekend. We even got to talk about road construction. The most fun had to be seeing the “baby lobsters at the HEB. That’s unschooling at it’s finest! We even got a picture for the occassion.


We had a great time, but we’re glad to be home. It was a really long weekend. The kids had a blast with their friends and can’t wait to visit again! We have a whole bunch of new people to visit with next time we go, which will make it even more fun. It was definitely well worth the trip!

Now if only I could find an app that would let us put pins in a virtual map of all the places we’ve been. It could be really fun a travel timeline with the kids, show them all the places we go, especially if we ever start to make it on bigger road trips!

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West, Texas and Wind Storms

First off, before I go on about anything else, we are not in or near West, Texas. We aren’t in range to have even heard the blast. It’s incredibly tragic and I wish swift recovery for all those touched by the incident. At the very least, if you wonder if we’re safe, we are. West is about seventy-five miles south of Dallas. We’re north of Dallas. We heard about the whole thing on the radio at about nine last night. We’ve got no television or net on anything but our phones right now, so we never would have known if they hadn’t just happened to mention it between songs as I made an emergency run for more milk at the store.

However I did worry about our trailer last night. We were expecting storms and the wind was picking up when I went to the store. By the time three-thirty in the morning rolled around, everyone was woken by the trailer trembling and the wind howling. It was so bad I expected to see a cow fly by and to find our trailer had caused the demise of a witch. I was about ready to look up tornado warnings that may be listed for the area.

That’s the down side to living in a trailer, well, one of them. Your home is never all that secure and does rock and sway with the wind. The kids don’t like that part of it. Storms are scary enough without having your whole house shake with it!

All in all we’re okay. We’re going to kick back and enjoy the rest of our lazy day in. Two days home in a row seems like a lot right now. I remember when that was reversed and it wasn’t all that that long ago. It certainly feels like it was!


A Word About Respect

I’ve been hearing a lot about respect lately. A lot of parents I know have been on that subject with their kids. The whole personal boundaries thing seems to the big issue in our house. No one seems to get that it’s not always appreciated to burst someone’s bubble of personal space. Then there’s respecting other people’s needs.

In this house there’s a good deal of disrespect. Corde is sadly the worst offender. Several times a day I hear, “Mom! The boys won’t stay out of my room!” At first I figured it was just that she suddenly was hitting the point where she wanted a little privacy. I went with it until it started happening all day long. I know the boys wouldn’t be that hard to keep away from her, so I started paying closer attention. Corde would go in the boys’ room, pick on them, then run back into her room. No doubt they’d follow and be told to get out and leave her alone, which they didn’t want to do because she was just in their room bugging them!

Then there’s poor Luca. Today is a perect example of how well they respect his needs. They weren’t trying to be mean, so I will give them that much. It just worked out that Corde and Beekee started fighting just after Luca went down for his 11am nap. He woke up after 15 minutes or so because of it. He tried again for a nap around 3pm, generally when he makes it up if he decides on an afternoon nap instead. This time he got about 20 minutes before Sander woke him up by making a whole loud to-do about pretending to eat the chips on a granola bar package. Then Corde and Beekee started getting into it again, which was all the already stirring Luca could take. He was awake for good.

I know the kids don’t mean to wake Luca up, but a part of me wants to come in some time over the night with blaring music just so they can see how it feels in reverse, but I know that won’t do any good. They’ll just be miserable for me the next day because they’re tired. It’ll just make things even worse.

As for Corde, I don’t know what’s gotten into her. She’s still been getting up at night. She’s trained her body to br hungry at night so breaking her of that habit won’t be easy. We had a long talk about that the other day and the answer she gave made me twitchy. She said there’s an angel in the front of her head and a devil in the back giving her ideas. She doesn’t know why she listens to the devil.

Of course, for some of you that may not seem like a big deal, but I follow science and logic, not religion. A lot of religion doesn’t work with logic. Noah’s ark is a good example, as is God being male yet women are the ones who “create” and nurture. It just doesn’t make sense to me. This whole faith thing is starting to male me feel like is being divided. Beekee’s like me right now, logic, not religion. Corde has always been the one to jump on board with religion. This has been the hardest part of unschooling for me. I have to accept that this is right for Corde and Oz.

And that brings me to another point of respect that’s going to be difficult for me. I was listening to someone talk in the mother’s room with Luca. I hate being whisked off to seclusion to nurse him, but the chairs were comfortable and I was hoping Luca would finally take a much needed nap. They were encouraging people to spread the word about the faith. I find that to be disrespectful. I don’t want people trying to push their faith on me. Honestly, before one of the missionaries that came over was moved on in his journey, I could handle it. The guy who replaced him drives me nuts. He’s so pushy about wanting Oz to get baptized. He was disappointed that I wasn’t going to be there last week when they were here because I was heading out to pick up a convection oven we scored on Freecycle. Origionally I was supposed to have a play date scheduled and wouldn’t be home. He wants a time where he can sit down with me too, and I don’t know how to tell him I’m not interested in express enough terms, but not be rude. I’ve given Christianity a try for about six months now and I find it’s the idea of community that appealed to me, but that was all. How can I expect my family to respect my choices when the guests in our own home are trying to convert me? It just doesn’t logically work.

I think I’m not making much sense. It’s gray. I’m tired. I just got a bunch of 64 oz Odwala Original Superfood smoothies since they were almost half off. So far I’ve had one of them a day. In comparison to my horrible diet this past year and being drained from nursing, I needed a kick in the butt. I don’t know if I can describe how it feels, aside from being very much like the year I tried to go vegan. I’m still eating normally, so no worries there. I can just tell my body is wondering what to do with all the nutrients I’m taking in. Already I’ve been feeling worlds better. At least I can be an example if one thing to my kids. I can show them what a difference healthy decisions can make…once I’m done catchinh up.from all the missed sleep due to Luca’s allergies. I think it’s time for a nap…


Home? What Is This “Home” You Speak Of?

I heard this one version of the song “I Will Survive” rewritten as a homeschool version. I swore that would never be us. We would never be able to handle being that busy.

“Don’t come around now, ’cause we’re not home much anymore!” I hate to admit it, but that’s been us. Yesterday we met at the park after church. Today we went to a homeschool play date. Tomorrow we have another play date. Friday we’re going out of town and won’t be home until Sunday. Then Monday we have another play date at the park. At some point coming up we’re supposed to have dinner with someone from the church. We just found out there are local music events weekly in May and June. There’s an art and music event on the first Friday of every month. The Art and Jazz Festival is coming up the weekend after our trip. Our schedule is booking up pretty fast. We’ve even got to the point of missing things. We were supposed to see the emergency vehicles and some construction trucks today, but Oz was playing disc golf while we hung with the homeschoolers and we ran way late. On top of that, Oz’s childhood friend has been using us for rides everywhere. That’s admittedly getting old.

Anyhow, I’m not sure how much I’ll be updating because we’re not often home and when we are, it’s generally cleaning, eating, and sleeping.

Of course, sleeping happens in the car too. On the way home I cranked the classical music and had all four kids passed out for the drive! It’s too bad it wasn’t a longer trip. They might have caght up on sleep that way.


One Step Closer to “Normal”

Ah…life with a car is good! We’ve been able to get out and do so much. We’ve gotten to do so much that we haven’t been able to do in quite some time.

Take Friday for example. We got to meet with a local homeschool co-op. We used to go to a co-op before we moved here, but a two and a half hour drive is a bit far to make it out every week. It made me realize just how much we loved our old co-op. I’ll be happy to be involved in one again.

This co-op is great, but a little more intimidating than our last one. The classes at the last one were three hours on one day each week. This one has classes that last most of the school day. The kids have homework and assignments at every grade level. They take literature, writing, history, science, art, and Latin. Next year they’ll be including some math. It’s not terribly free-spirited and unschool-like, but the kids thought it sounded fun. We decided to give it a try.

On Friday we got to meet everyone, which was nice. I hadn’t expected them to be so organized! They had schedules in neatly planned out books. They get the whole course planned out for the year in advance. They also go for a full school year unlike our last that only went by semester. I have to admit that’s intimidating. If it doesn’t work for us we’re signed up for the year. It also makes it twice as expensive when registration rolls around. We can’t pay half the cost in the middle of the year. At the same time, I love the organization. They meet up for two orientation days before the school year starts. During that time all the moms get the rundown on how it’s all going to work. On the first day of classes it’s probably much less chaotic than it was at our last one. It would be so much nicer to start off well prepared.

The kids loved it. Corde got to sit in on an art class. How perfect is that? Beekee was put in science, his favorite subject. Sander was able to play. They all got to meet the kids that will be in their class next fall. Then we had lunch with them all at the park. Of course, I overshot the park because I was too concerned with the cop riding my tail to see the sign at the entrance. When I turned around my GPS got me lost because it’s not programmed to know the park entrances. I knew I should have just trusted that I knew how to get myself there! The kids had a blast. Corde ended up rough-housing with the boys most of the time. She started out with a friend from church, but I guess the girls weren’t as much fun. They were more interested in chatting and were a little on the exclusive side. The boys were looking for animal tracks in the mud, which was much more interesting. They thought it was cool that she liked wrestling and play fighting too. She was right at home with them. I think they also liked the fact that there was a girl they could tease and pick on that not only could take it, but could dish out too! Most girls I’ve known complain when the boys play rough, so I can see why they liked having her around. She’s got two brothers that play rough and most of her friends have generally been boys, not because she prefers them, but because most of the kids she was exposed to most of her life happened to be boys. We’ve also had a frequently changing cast of kids in our lives, so boys were just easier to befriend. Girls seem to take longer to warm up to people and are more prone to forming cliques. Boys don’t seem to be the same way. I think that’s why I’ve spent so much of my life as “one if the guys.”

The kids are really looking forward to having co-op time again. Corde is thrilled to have kids to play with at the park and some cool new classes. Beekee played by himself at the park, as always, but didn’t get upset that Corde was playing with other kids instead of him like he usually does, probably because there were so many other kids around. Sander was actually playing with the other boys his age and had a blast. He can’t wait to do it again. It’ll be hard to go without his usual daytime nap, but he’ll adjust. If not, I’ll find a way to keep an early nap time. Who knows? He may find he’d rather nap on the car ride home.

Having seen the line-up of classes for next year, I’m excited. They’ll be doing physics, a particular favorite of mine. They’re also moving into Civil War era history and beyond, a good transition from Corde’s current knowledge of the American Revolution. The literature of that era contains some of my favorites. I have a feeling we’re going to go above and beyond on that end of it. There are some great works in that era. Oz will love it too, given it’s including some of his favorite authors and his favorite period of history, the Victorian Age.

Given we have the freedom to get out and drive, we checked out Barnes and Noble to see what kinds of editions of our selection from the era we could get our hands on. That place could easily be the death of my bank account. There were two beautiful editions of the complete works of H.P. Lovecraft. They had a couple if beautiful Jane Austen books. We found a beautiful copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray. They had two gorgeous volumes composing all of the Sherlock Holmes stories. We found two books of a great copy of the Oz series. Of course, you know we have to get that. The kids don’t know about Ozzie Osbourn, so to them it’s the Great and Powerful Oz. Corde picked that book as her bedtime story for weeks after Oz first moved in. Then there’s the Alice books, Wonderland and the Looking Glass, which are also favorites of Corde’s. She used to love A Tale of Two Cities, and Dickens falls in that era as well. Of course, you can’t forget Poe. She used to love Frankenstein too. She had a disturbing understanding of that book, relating herself to the creature and Victor Frankenstein to her dad. They have such beautiful books that look like perfect library editions. We could have them lined up on the shelf to look like an old library with ancient tomes. I want to buy them all! Of course, they also had favorites from other periods too, but just the versions from the period we’re looking at were amazing. Oh, this is going to be an exciting year! Even if the kids lose interest in the books, I know Oz and I will love reading them! Book stores really are dangerous places for my bank account!


Life with a Car

We just picked up Emmy a couple of weeks ago and she’s already seen some craziness. Emmy is our car. She already has a name. We’ve always named our cars. It’s the ones we don’t name that we know won’t be around for long.

Anyhow, Emmy’s been busy! She took us to WIC last Tuesday, Lu a’s doctor on Thursday, and to the dentist and a play date on Friday. Saturday the kids stayed with a sitter while we took Luca to scope out some places to live and find the park for this week’s play date. Sunday Oz didn’t go to church because they had some conference thing instead, but he did get out and run some errands. Yesterday we made it out to put in our application to one apartment place. I’m a little nervous about applying there. The apartments are tax credit apartments, which are geared towards working class families. It feels like they need yoir whole life story to apply, but I’m getting sidetracked.

Sander and Luca were great at WIC. We didn’t even have tears for the anemia test. Sander was my little helper. He carried their stuffed animals and the clipboard. He would have taken the diaper bag too, but it was too heavy.

The doctor’s visit went alright. We were glad we went in early to scope out some apartments. The kids had a ton of lolipops between the apartments and the doctor. They had a great time. The doctor doesn’t seem so scary when you don’t get shots! Now they all want to go!

Friday was an adventure. I love our dentist. It’s a little to campy and kiddie in my opinion, but the kids are excited to go back. Best of all they had the kids stacked up with back-to-back appointments, which meant they could just roll through them. It was a little stressful on me because I felt like I needed to be in two rooms at once, but it wasn’t too bad. Corde went first and we just went down the line by age. She did her x-rays and all that, then went on to her cleaning and dental exam while Beekee got his x-rays done. Sander was next and he was too funny. He was spaced out the whole time like he was half asleep. Then Luca had a quick cleaning and check up. He had four mote teeth ready to pop any day now. He just cut the top two last night. The kids learned how many baby teeth a person has. They figured out how many teeth Corde’s lost and how many she has left to loose. They counted their teeth. They learned about how teeth grow. It was really kind of fun. Teeth creep me out (well, when it comes to losing them and cavities and things) but I even thought it was kind of cool.

After the dentist we went to meet a friend I met on Facebook. She has two awesome unschooled boys. Corde and her older son hit it off and were playing like they’d known each other forever. The kids had so much fun that we’re doing it again this week! It was a bit much for Beekee, but there was a lot of excitement in one day.

When I bought Oz back to one of the places to check it out we got some awesome news. They just had a four bedroom open up. It will mean putting our move date off by another month and a half, but it’s a four bedroom. It’s not really any bigger than their three bedrooms so all the rooms are a little smaller. At the same time it means all the kids can have their own rooms until Luca is old enough to move out of our room. We may even consider turning one room into a play room or school room since Corde wants to try something with a little more structure next year. It also means I can set each kid up in their own room with something when they’re driving each other nuts. Corde has her room. One boy goes to one room. One goes to the other room. Luca gets set up in the living room. Problem solved!

The only concern I have with these apartments is the approval process. We both have utility bills on our credit reports more than likely. We also have an old eviction that we owe on. If any of that shows up we have to pay it by our move date and may have a higher deposit because of it. That could make getting it all paid by our June move date a little tricky. Keep your fingers crossed for us! With no stove and two new leaks in the roof above the windows in the dining room and laundry room, we’re ready to move! This place has a stove, fridge that works correctly, and an above-the-stove microwave. They have an exterminator through every Tuesday, so all you need to do is add your name to the list if there’s a problem. It’s also walking distance to the grocery store, craft stores, office supply stores, a pet store, a game store, Home Depot, Lowes, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and Target. We’ll have plenty of places to go pick stuff up or just browse if we want. There’s a bus stop right down the street from the apartment complex and the train station is right behind the complex. That means we can easily get anywhere we want without having to take the car. We’d also be close to tons of parks, the homeschool co-op we’re thinking about, the library, and all the places the homeschool groups meet. In case you haven’t guessed, we really want this to work out. The kids love it there too. Two playgrounds, two pools, and a basketball court definitely appeal to the kids. Sander likes that we can see the train without having to go far. He loves trains. Corde loves that everything is so close, so she’ll have places to go spend the money she earns. It’s really ideal in a lot of ways.

Sadly, the neighborhood has a reputation for being a little bit rough in comparison to the classy appearance it has. From what we’ve seen it’s no different than some of the other places we’ve livrd. Bored teens do stupid things and upset other residents. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before. It’s still better than where we live now. We’ve definitely got our hopes up.

Tomorrow I’m bringing down the rest of our documentation on our way to our play date. We should have an answer not long after that. It shouldn’t be long before we can start figuring out what comes next!