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Finally Moving Forward


Ah,  it’s good to report there’s some positive to speak of!  Of course, not everything is good, but I suppose not everything being good is a good shot better than everything being bad.  I still hate using Oz’s new computer.  I managed to mess up my good ankle.  It smells and sounds like our new microwave is dying.  At the same time, we’ve had a lot of good happen.

First off, we have a stove.  I don’t know if I mentioned that before.  Management gave it to us from an empty trailer that’s no longer able to be occupied.  Some of these trailers have pretty much been condemned.  Management is trying to get rid of them by offering to give them to people.  You just have to pay the lot fee every month and fix it up yourself.  It’s pretty bad when they can’t even give these properties away.  No one who has the money to invest wants to spend the money on a trailer.  No one living in a trailer has the money to invest.  Truth be told, these “free” trailers would probably cost more than you can sell them for just to fix them up, and they’re not going to be able to be lived in while you’re improving them.  It would be more logical to get your own trailer at retail cost that doesn’t need all the work.  For paying the same price you can actually live in it from day one!  How nice would that be?  Since we’ve gotten the stove we’ve made all kinds of things, the best being shepherds’ pie and we’ll soon be doing a roast chicken with all the best sides.

What else is on the list of good?  The exterminator came through, finally!  She saw no signs of bed bugs, but we’re still thinking about catching the next one we see, bringing it down to the office, and using that as physical proof.  The exterminator seemed entirely clueless anyway.  If she had properly done her job I wouldn’t have come home to a cabinet full of roaches that weren’t killed.  Yes, the problem has been drastically reduced, but the truth is we’ve still got a roach problem.  It’s just  a fraction of what it used to be.  I’ve been gaining confidence in my ability to fight for what needs to happen.  An exterminator wasn’t called to cut our roach problem in half.  She was hired to eliminate it.  Granted, it’s only been a little over 24 hours since she left, and we’ve still seen bugs in the process of dying, but if the problem isn’t handled by Monday, we’re going to be talking to management.  As I’ve been told by CPS workers, building managers, and so much more, you don’t hire an exterminator to reduce your pest problem.  You hire them to eliminate it.  If we’re still having problems after services are rendered, they need to come in here and finish the job.  I’m especially annoyed because she only sprayed on the pipe under the sink, in one cabinet, and in one spot on the pantry.  I’m guessing she should have sprayed in any area where the roaches were nesting.  That would equate to all of the upper cabinets, all of the drawers, around and under the refrigerator, behind the hardware for all the blinds in the kitchen and dining room, and more than one tiny spot in the pantry.  This would also include where the books are in the dining room and around the washer and dryer in the laundry room.  Thorough is something she definitely was not.  I suppose I should have said something to her at the time, but I didn’t want to deal with a confrontation.  If management fails to make sure it’s properly taken care of we’ve decided we’re hiring our own exterminator to treat for ants, bed bugs, and pretty much everything else.  I’m tired of living with pests.  I’m also tired of people who do a lazy job about it.  On top of that, we busted our butts to get the house clean for the exterminator and weren’t even ready in time because management stuck a notice on our door that blew off before we could see it.  We were supposed to have been notified on Monday.  We didn’t know about it until they night before.  They were lucky we knew at all!

At the same time, the exterminator coming made us get off our butts and do some things we desperately needed to do.  We completely rearranged the living room.  It’s created a “front hall” kind of feeling by the front door, which I absolutely hate, but it’s better than it was before.  The room doesn’t feel so painfully massive and it looks a lot more coordinated and organized.  We moved Sander’s Little People to a new area of the room which makes it a little more contained and looks less chaotic.  The kitchen set and the dolls have found their home out of the dining room again, so Luca doesn’t have to crawl through the room in order to get to it all.  He’s not so much on the dolls, but he loves that kitchen!  We finally went through and rearranged the furniture in the dining room as well.  I’m no longer feeling like I’m about to trip over it all.  Just moving the table against the opposite wall doesn’t sound like it would do much, but it’s made a world of difference.  I don’t know who designed that dining room, but either you can’t get through because the table is in the middle of the room, or you can’t access half the seating area because the table is against the wall.  Of course, walking through the dining room is the only way to get to the laundry room and master bedroom.  The kitchen isn’t much better.  It’s literally a hallway between the front and back of the house.  We also made some difficult sacrifices.  We got rid of the easel Sander got for his birthday when he turned two.  It’s seriously seen better days and didn’t survive the move North.  I got rid of all of Luca’s old baby clothes, as well as the baby things he’s already out grown, like the baby swing we were given for Sander.  He never much liked that thing anyway.  We had some formula from the hospital and a sling I never really used that both were given away.  I’m also about to make Oz be brutal with his clothes.  He’s got 19 t-shirts, 2 polo shirts, and 13 button down dress shirts.  He’s also got about 15 pairs of pants, if my guess is right, but it may be less.  Of the space being used in our closet he takes up half of it.  He also has taken over all of the dresser but 3/4 of one drawer.  That’s where my stuff goes.  I have to share a dresser with Luca, which is fine for now because he has almost nothing in the way of clothes, but it’s not going to last for long.  Right now letting him run around naked or in nothing but a diaper is cute.  When he’s a year old he might be able to get away with it.  By the time he’s two he really needs to be in the habit of wearing clothes, at least when leaving the house.  The whole thing with the exterminator really lit a fire under my butt to get things done and get the house in order.  Not only is the house starting to look great, but we’re starting to feel a lot less over-burdened by our stuff.  I just wish we had a car so I could pack it all up and just drop it at Goodwill instead of waiting for some picky Freecycle people to swing by and pick it up.

On the job front, we’ve also got good news.  Oz is one drug test result away from having a new, better paying, full-time job!  We know he’s going to pass the drug test because, well, why wouldn’t he?  It’s not a great job.  It pays better and will be more hours.  Oz can stay on at his other job on a part-time basis.  It’s really all looking good.  Of course, that means we won’t have much time with him, but I think we can survive.  We’ll have more money so we can get ahead of our bills and put aside some savings for a rainy day.  It certainly seems to rain enough around here to be worth it!

There’s still some problems, but we’re working through it.  Life isn’t perfect, and I somehow doubt it ever will be.   At the same time, we really can’t complain.  It’s much better now than it was.

And in other news, look for us on YouTube!   We’re listed as “CountryUnschoolers” since Trailer Park Unschoolers didn’t fit.  We  don’t have much up there yet, but I’m going to try and make a goal of adding one video every week by one of the kids.  It’s one more small way you can get to know us.

So, please, sit back and enjoy the fun Sander had while we were freezing our butts off, waiting to go back into the house after the extermination yesterday.  It’s just too bad you can’t see Sabrina running around, who followed us all the way to the park.  So, enjoy the wild imagination of a three-year-old!


Author: Fox

With four kids, who has time for much? We spend a lot of time together, which translates to a lot of knitting time for me when we hang out. We've been trying to get back to our unschooling roots. We watch a lot of videos, play a lot of games, and pay attention to the things we notice in our everyday life. It's been quite the big adventure!

2 thoughts on “Finally Moving Forward

  1. I’m glad things are looking up for you guys! I’m surprised that you don’t have a Texas accent! Now I’m going to go check out your you tube channel! I’ve moved my blog over to I’d love it if you want to follow us over there!

    • I’m surprised every time I hear myself recorded that I don’t obviously sound like I’m from Boston! I spent the first 26 years of my life in various parts of New England, yet everyone seems surprised when I tell them. You don’t sound like you’re from Boston! Isn’t it amazing what happens with accents?

      I’ll definitely check it out and follow you on there. It’s great to see you’ve got your own domain now! Your family is so inspirational!

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