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Prestidigitation, Sleight of Hand, and Other Cool Tricks

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Where do I get these crazy words like “prestidigitation”?  Well, I get them from D&D.  Where does Beekee get them?  He gets them from magic.  That’s what he wants to be, at least for now.  He wants to be a magician.  Of course, he also wanted to be a rock star, an archaeologist, a forest ranger, and a detective.  However, this time I think Beekee’s on to something, and I think I should encourage him.

We watched Make Believe tonight.  It’s a documentary about six magicians competing in the Teen World Magic Competition, or something along those lines.  Originally the kids weren’t sure if they wanted to watch it.  They wanted to watch Dirty Jobs, but I didn’t want to watch it while eating.  Knowing my luck they would be working with something nasty like poop.  They settled with this as an alternative, not what they wanted, but the only one that sounded even remotely interesting.

It didn’t take long for Beekee to become enthralled.  He saw the cool tricks they were doing and, eyes glued to the screen, tried to see if he could figure out a trick of his own.  He decided that’s what he wanted to do.  All the things they were doing were so cool.

That’s when this conversation took place:

Me, nearly spewing my water on my computer, because that’s how these things always happen: Holy *bleep*!  That’s Magnus!

Corde:  You know that guy?

Me:  Yes, actually.  I met him back before you were born at Rites of Spring.  We met around the bonfire.  He’s a friend of mine’s friend, and a really incredible magician.

Corde:  You know someone famous?

Me:  Yeah, I guess you could say I do.  I doubt he’d remember me ago.  The last time he saw me was ten years ago.

Beekee:  Mom, they said his name and it wasn’t Magnus.

Me:  No, it’s Jeff McBride.  He performs in Las Vegas.  I just know him as Magnus.  It’s like your name is Aris, but your friends call you Beekee.  His friends call him Magnus.

Beekee:  WHAT?!?

Corde:  So cool!  You really know someone famous!

Beekee:  Mom!  I want to meet him!  Can he make me a famous magician too?

Corde:  You SO have to introduce me.  You’re the coolest mom ever!

Wow…if I had known that was all it took to become the coolest mom ever.  The funny thing is we’ve talked about Magnus and Spinner before.  Magnus is a famous magician as well as singer and drummer.  Spinner is actually Abbi Spinner-McBride, who is an escape-artist (last I heard one of 4 female escape artists in the country), singer, and dancer.  For those who are curious about her music featuring Jeff McBride, check out Enter the Center, Fire of Creation, Desert Priestess: A Memoir, and The Heart of the Sun: an Anthology in Exaltation of Sekhmet (not exclusively her work, but she’s one of the artists).  I personally own the first two albums.  They are very Pagan in feel, but they’d be worth a listen for anyone who (religion aside) would enjoy some beautiful chant.  One line of lyrics in the song “Enter the Center” really sums up my philosophy in life:

Buddhist, Muslim, Chrisian, Pagan, Jew

We welcome you, we honor you and all you do.

Aww…the heck with it…  It’s an awesome song. Here’s a video that has the song…it’s a video of a hooper doing some practice…so side bonus! This is the kind of stuff that the kids have been exposed to all their lives! Maybe we’ll do some more videos to give you an idea of the community we’ve been distanced from since moving here and can’t wait to get involved with again…but that’s for another day…first!

Anyhow, they’re VERY cool people.

Back to the point, Beekee has decided he wants to be a magician when he grows up.  He’s already started doing some pretty cool tricks with bits of paper, bottle caps, and other little things, whatever he can come up with.  Now his aunt is going to be looking for a magic book she got for her son when he was younger.  We’re going to let everyone know that this little April Fool is going to be needing some magic stuff for his birthday this year.

Now this is when we get into the real unschooling goodness!  I am totally overwhelmed at the task at hand, but I think in my world of belly dancers and “circus freaks” (no, I’m not being insulting here.  A lot of them describe themselves this way!) I’m sure I can find some  connection or another to introduce Beekee to a real magician.  Maybe we can find him a mentor.  He also wants to learn to juggle as well.  I just wish we lived in Houston.  I have a friend down there that’s a professional juggler.  Oh…yeah…just for kicks, here’s a video of my friend in Houston.  Beekee said I HAVE TO include it because he thinks Noah is completely his hero…so here’s Beekee’s favorite video of Mr. Cirque himself! Prepare to be amazed…

And, finally! One last video recommendation from Beekee! This is his absolute favorite Jeff McBride video…and I’m sure you’ll see why…

Now, praying that all of those work…  So, I’m off!  I’ve got some work to do.  I’ve got to research some age-appropriate magic stuff for Beekee’s birthday.  Thankfully there’s still time.  I’ve got to find a magician that would be happy to talk to Beekee, maybe take Beekee under his wing if we’re lucky.  I wish I could afford to have a magician come for his birthday, but that’s a bit of a reach, and I know he’s not going to have enough friends here for his birthday to really make it worth spending that kind of money on something like that.  It might be more worth it if we were going to have a large number of kids.  Maybe next year if he’s still interested.

Lots of work to do!  I want to hop on this interest while it’s still hot in Beekee’s mind!  Corde’s got a great direction, something she’s passionate about.  Beekee has never been this passionate about anything (well, except for zombies), so I’m determined to jump on this one.  I’m psyched that he’s finally got a passion!

And it’s Sunday!  So I’ll end this on one more note, a reminder from Corde.  Don’t forget about our Documentary Challenge!  We’ve added a couple more things to the list, and will keep adding things as we see them!  Corde’s very excited about this whole thing, and has decided it will definitely be a custom piece of art made by her, though she hasn’t decided what.  She’s leaning towards a sculpture or painting, but she’s also willing to take requests.  In the mean time, check out the page, follow the instructions, and don’t forget, every documentary you watch and share from the list is one more entry into the contest!


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With four kids, who has time for much? We spend a lot of time together, which translates to a lot of knitting time for me when we hang out. We've been trying to get back to our unschooling roots. We watch a lot of videos, play a lot of games, and pay attention to the things we notice in our everyday life. It's been quite the big adventure!

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