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Planning for Events

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The kids are already looking forward to upcoming events and they’re still not even close enough that us adults are planning.  It’s amazing how excited they get about things they want to do, even if they’re months away.  I wish I could have that kind of energy to look ahead!

The first event they’re talking about is the renn faire.  They went to one faire, a pirate faire, last year.  It was the beginning of June and plenty hot.  They want to go again this year, but more prepared for the heat.  That’s going to mean appropriate costumes and something hopefully cool enough that they can still dress for the occasion without roasting.

As if that wasn’t enough, the kids also are looking forward to Fairie Worlds, if we can make it this year.  That’s going to be a whole weekend in the middle of the summer where they can dress up and have a lot of fun.  Since it’s a fairy theme, they’re going to have a lot of fun coming up with ideas of what to wear.  Of course, Oz and I are going to have to dress up too.  We don’t have anything appropriate, so the kids will be very insistent that we fix that.

So what are the kids thinking?  Well, Corde’s already decided on having a belly dance or Gypsy costume for the pirate event.  She’s already got a skirt that I picked up for her a few years back.  It amazingly still fits!  It’s shorter than it was then, but that makes it more ideal for running around in the summer.  I’m going to look into some light, cool material to make a blouse for her.  I think I’m going to have her make it herself with my help.  I think that would be fun for her.  Then she can take her scarves for her hair and her waist.  We can throw some beads onto a string to make her necklaces.  Then she’ll have a complete costume.  All we really need to do to change it to a fairy costume is change the scarves for maybe a really pretty sash and a flower wreath, then make some fairy wings.  Then she’ll be all set for both!

Beekee wants to be a fox pirate and a raccoon boy.  Putting a pirate costume together for him should be pretty easy.  All he needs is a shirt.  Oz’s shirts will just be too hot for summer.  He’s got pants that will work, but we might try and make him something loose and baggy to be cool.  However he wants a fox tail and ears to go with him pirate costume.  It also won’t be complete without an eye patch.  He also wants a raccoon boy costume for his fairy costume.  We’ll probably do some loose, comfy pants, a vest, and his tail and ears.  It’s funny.  He’ll have such a “Lost Boys” kind of look, which is even more amusing because I used to call Sander “my Peter Pan”.  He’s very excited about this, and the hardest part is probably going to be making the tails and ears.  Once I’ve got that I cam probably throw a bunch of them together to sell to other kids too.  (Oz and I have been thinking about putting together a vending booth for events.)

Sander is going to be easy to throw together a pirate costume for.  He’ll be happy with a simple pair of pants and a vest.  For the fairy event I want to make him a Peter Pan costume.  I think it would be totally perfect for him.  He’s not the kind for tights, but I could always do something that seems very much in the spirit of the character, maybe some simple earthy shorts and a tunic.  I think that would be fantastic.

Little Bear is going to have to be a baby pirate.  He’s probably going to get a bandanna, vest, and some baggy pants too.  For a fairy costume, he’s actually going to go as a little bear boy.  He’s our baby bear, so it would be adorable to have him run around in a little bear hat and pants with a bear tail.  We’re probably just going to give him a vest for that too.

Vests are easy and ideal.  Corde can make them (because she wants to dabble with making clothes) and they’re simple.  They’re light weight and cool, and incredibly versatile.  They make so many great costumes, and they’re fun for dress up too.  I can’t wait to have a few of these thrown together.  It’s just too bad that girls aren’t so easy to dress up.  I can’t throw together a box of vests, tabards, surcoats, and other knight-like garments that can be used in so many ways.  Boys’ gypsy and fairy costumes are easy to throw together and let them imagine.  It’s harder with girl’s clothes.  They’re harder to make in my opinion, at least anything that holds up to my standards of multipurpose garments.  I’m sure the kids could come up with plenty of ways to make it work, but I’ve always liked boys stuff so much better.  I guess it’s a good thing we’ve got so many boys because we’re going to have an awesome dress-up box of boy stuff in the end.  Of course, if they start asking for dresses, skirts, and things I’m not going to stop them, but to this point they want some pretty boyish stuff.  Then again, even girl pirates look like boy pirates, so I’m sure that doesn’t hurt.  It’s definitely got us a good start on planning for a dress up box.  Now I just need a truly awesome trunk to put everything in between events.

So it looks like I’ve got a lot of sewing to do!  I’m looking forward to it.  It should be a lot of fun.  Thankfully they’ve given me enough lead time that I might just be able to have it all done in time.

In the mean time, keep your fingers crossed!  Oz has an interview tomorrow for a much higher paying job that’s full time!  This could mean that we have the money to fund these costume projects and get a new sewing machine!  I’m really looking forward to being able to do more than just skate by on bills!


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