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Trailer Park Thanksgiving 2012

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It’s Thanksgiving here at the trailer park, as it is for all of the country.  People everywhere are celebrating with turkey, family, and football.  It’s one of those days where people kick back, blow their diet, and get stuffed.  They even get to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which always used to be a tradition in my house.  I haven’t watched it the past few years because we don’t have a television and I can’t find a place to watch it online.  I’m determined that will change next year.

Things at our house have been a little different.  Our neighbor dropped by to play a few video games.  We cleaned the house for no one in particular.  I attempted to finish getting all the laundry our former neighbors left out of my living room.  It feels like we’re getting a home back again, slow as it may be.

We had nowhere special to go this year.  My family is all out of state.  Oz’s mom isn’t allowed to be a part of our lives.  Maybe some day we’ll talk about that, but not today.  His dad was spending the holiday with his girlfriend’s family and Oz’s sister went with him.  That left us alone for the holiday, something that was especially hard for me as we’ve always had big Thanksgivings my whole life.  It felt lacking and lonely, but it could have been worse.  Oz was supposed to work but ended up home instead.  At least we had each other.

Corde spent the day wondering what we were going to do for dinner.  That’s the kind of kid she is.  She pointed out several times that we didn’t get a turkey and we can’t roast one.  This was a very big concern to her, I guess.  She loves roast turkey.  We had discussed it the day before when we went to the grocery store to buy everything, but I guess she forgot.  One would think you’d remember a five mile round trip with a stroller packed to the brim with groceries on the way back!

Having only a microwave and hotplate made planning Thanksgiving dinner really interesting.  We were really limited.  We all were looking forward to turkey with all the fixings, but that just wasn’t meant to be.  As it was, we forgot half of it.  We didn’t have corn.  I forgot to make the green beans.  There was no squash (one of my favorites).  I didn’t remember to open the cranberry sauce.  I know, I know, where’s the feast?  We seemed to have forgotten everything!

Instead of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner we decided we were just going to make it up as we go along.  We picked up some sandwich turkey.  I tossed that into a frying pan just long enough to warm it up.  That got thrown into a dinner roll like a mini-sandwich.  We got some mashed potatoes and some au-gratin potatoes that just needed to be tossed in the microwave.  Whatever anyone wanted slathered with gravy was slathered with gravy, especially those sandwiches.  Turkey and gravy sandwiches on a dinner roll are delicious!  Everything was topped off with mini pickles that Beekee just HAD to have, and crescent rolls he picked out as an appetizer.  The boys sat at their own table while Corde, Oz, and I shared the big table.  It wasn’t what we’re used to, but it was delicious and everyone was completely stuffed.

As we sat to eat dinner, we all talked about what we’re thankful for.  Corde went first, as she does almost every year because she’s so excited to do it.  I think she wanted us to say grace too, but I’m not so comfortable with that after a background in the Catholic church. It felt a little awkward as the moment really called for grace, but Oz would have been the one to say it, but I didn’t want to put him on the spot, so we just dove right into what we’re thankful for.

Corde said:

I’m thankful for food!  We’ve definitely got a lot here.  I don’t think anyone will be hungry after this!

Oz was next:

I’m thankful for my family.

Then it was my turn:

I’m thankful for my home, and that we’re going to keep living here.

Beekee, silly, of course, said:

I’m thankful for turkey!  Oh, and pickles!

We asked Sander what he was thankful for.  He got a silly big grin and said:


Next was Lucabear’s turn, but he’s too little of course, so I said I know what he’s thankful for.  When Corde asked, this is what Oz said:

Boob juice, of course!  Mama milk is his favorite thing in the whole world!

Then there was Sabrina, who obviously can’t talk for herself, so this is what Corde thought she’d say when I asked her later:

She got some turkey on Thanksgiving, and she got her cat tree back so she has something to scratch on.  She seems really happy about that.

At the end of it all it was a pretty good Thanksgiving.  Corde felt the need to point out that though it wasn’t a traditional Thanksgiving, she kind of liked that we had a Thanksgiving just like in one of their Thanksgiving stories, Thanksgiving at the Tappletons’.  That’s a really cute story where it seems like everything just goes wrong and they end up with no Thanksgiving feast.  Instead they end up making sandwiches, but it’s okay because they’re doing it as a family.

Now the part I love and hate the most begins.  It all starts with the tear-down of Thanksgiving decorations.  Then we’ve got to clean the house so the Christmas decorations can be put up.  We’ve only got a tiny little three-and-a-half foot tree that Corde picked out last year.  It’s white, so it certainly stands out.  We’ve got a pretty good idea of where that’s going to go.  We don’t have very many other Christmas decorations, and we only seem to have a few books, though I thought we had more.  I hope in future years that changes as we expand our range of decorations.  Until then, we’ll make the best of what we’ve got.


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With four kids, who has time for much? We spend a lot of time together, which translates to a lot of knitting time for me when we hang out. We've been trying to get back to our unschooling roots. We watch a lot of videos, play a lot of games, and pay attention to the things we notice in our everyday life. It's been quite the big adventure!

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