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The Great Chef Beekee


I haven’t been talking much about Mr. Beacon of the Squeakin’ lately.  It’s easy to get distracted with Corde’s drama because it’s so much more overwhelming and pressing.  She’s the one who seems to be into so much more.  It’s easier to focus on the one that seems to be doing so much more.  Besides, as much as I love my Beekee, he’s so chill it’s easy to forget to talk about him.  It’s not so much that I forget about him, but he’s so quiet and unimposing that he doesn’t come fresh to my mind, not like his sister who always pops to my mind with all the crazy going on in her life every day and her need to show me every little thing she does.  Every picture, painting, and detail she has to tell me.

Beekee has decided he’s interested in learning a lot lately.  He’s into disasters.  He likes watching construction shows.  Most of all, he enjoys cooking.  He wants to be in the know whenever anything is going on in the kitchen, and he’s so particular about everything.  I think he’s going to make a fantastic chef some day, even if the only person he ever cooks for is himself.

I wish I could get the pictures off of my camera right now.  Beekee was peeking over his sister’s shoulder while she made lunch today.  Once again I was exiled from the kitchen so she could cook, but both Beekee and Sander were curious as to what she was doing.  Beekee had to help.  He couldn’t mix the ingredients, mostly because our current system of measuring is creative at best.  Instead he peeked over her shoulder and told her when she had to mix it, when it might get stuck to the bottom of the pan, and most importantly, when it looked like it was done.  They weren’t making anything fancy, just one of those pasta side dish things, but he was all about learning how to do it.  I find quick and easy not only matches with our current budget, but it also means it’s something easy for the kids to throw together.  Those things may not be a great, healthy meal, but they’re cheap and we can easily teach the kids to spice it up and make it healthier with simple additions.  It’s a great skill for those broke college days, especially since they’re already learning to cook on a hot plate.  Best of all, these simple dishes are easy enough that Beekee can mix them up and cook them on his own (supervised, of course) and he’s only five!

Some days I forget just how young Beekee really is with how capable he’s become.  I keep thinking he’s six already, but he’s not.  He’s five.  He’s not even five and a half yet.  I’ve known tons of kids his age and they don’t view the world the same way my special guy does.  I don’t know many five-year-olds that can cook.  I don’t know many kids his age that are interested in getting in the kitchen and cooking.  He’s got a very mature view on life in a lot of ways too.  On top of it all, he understands concepts, like zombies not being real (though it’s fun to pretend they are) and how disasters work.  He’s our little survivalist and disaster expert.  He’s not like other kids his age that are into Dora and Diego, cars, and other things like that.  He’s into some really adult things.  Sure, he’s got a bit of a thing for guns, but he understands that playing is all well and good, but guns are dangerous and he doesn’t really want to go to war.  He knows war isn’t the way everyone makes it out to be.  It’s not glorious or honorable.  He doesn’t even think fighting “for his country” is particularly patriotic.  He thinks it’s more patriotic to be a hero, to protect the people who can’t or don’t know how to protect themselves.  He’d be the first one to sign up if there were “people trying to steal our country”.  He just doesn’t think it’s very nice to go to another country to fight and kill people.  I didn’t even put that idea in his head.  It’s how I feel, but with a dad in the Army I’m VERY careful what I say in front of the kids.  I find it interesting that Beekee and Corde came to the same conclusion, that they don’t think it’s right to go over seas and fight people in their own home.

Beekee is already turning into a great chef.  He’s making suggestions on what would be really good to add to different meals.  Some of his ideas are really good.  If we add meatballs to this it would be fantastic.  A little bit of corn and carrots would be great.  He’s got a real sense of flavor and texture that could give him a lot of potential as a chef.  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.  With his texture sensitivities and how particular he is with everything it shouldn’t be surprising.  He’s so careful about everything that he’d have to know what he likes with conviction.

Some day he’s going to grow up to be a really awesome chef.  Whether he does it as a living or just carries it into adulthood as a useful life-skill, he’s definitely got a gift.  While Corde can cook, for her it’s functional and artistic.  For Beekee it’s something different.  It’s like he understands the magic of the kitchen, the taste, the texture, the aroma.  That boy has certainly got a gift!

Though I doubt it’s their path, I can’t help but think about what would happen if they took their skills and started a business together, a restaurant of some kind.  Between the two of them they’d have fantastic tasting food with incredible presentation!  No, I’m not attached to anything they could become.  They could grow up to be an environmental scientist and an astronaut, a corrections officer and a street artist, a fashion designer and a journalist.  It doesn’t matter what they choose to do in life, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about what they could some day become if they pursue each interest to the fullest.  What can I say?  I’m a dreamer!  And my children definitely give me some incredible inspiration for dreaming!


Author: Fox

With four kids, who has time for much? We spend a lot of time together, which translates to a lot of knitting time for me when we hang out. We've been trying to get back to our unschooling roots. We watch a lot of videos, play a lot of games, and pay attention to the things we notice in our everyday life. It's been quite the big adventure!

6 thoughts on “The Great Chef Beekee

  1. He sounds like an awesome kid!!

  2. He sounds like quite the little chef! I know what you mean. Bethany dominates my mind!

    • Your blog is a constant reminder that it’s okay to let one child’s experiences dominate my blog sometimes. It’s not that I love Corde more, or you love Bethany more. They just have the experiences that make the most impact at the time. Their experiences have the most to teach the world around them. I’m sure I’ll hit that point with the rest of my kids as they have their own challenges that seem to wash all other issues from my mind. There is definitely something to be learned from your challenges and experiences with Bethany.

      Beekee actually likes hearing about Bethany. The kids sometimes like to ask about the blogs I’m reading. He said she sounds like a really special person. He thinks she must know lots of fairies because “she’s like a girl that’s Peter Pan”.

      I’m just glad I could take a moment to give Beekee the spotlight for a little while. It’s all too easy to get all caught up in the baby because he requires so much attention and all of Corde’s social drama that Beekee and Sander don’t get mention for the cool stuff they do!

  3. Girl drama always overshadows boys. LOL. Not long ago I saw a 10 yo boy on the news who was like a top chef. Amazing kid.

    I believe in nurturing our children’s God-given talents.

    You have some really fantastic kids.

    • Yes, girl drama tends to overshadow everything, doesn’t it?

      You’re totally right about nurturing our kids’ talents. I have to wonder how much different my life would be if someone did that for me. I don’t want my kids to have to wonder that same thing.

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